Liberals- we need govt regulation or seeds won’t grow good (videos)

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Did you know that unless we have government regulations for seeds, we could all be dead? The Senate Hearing on Tuesday regarding Government regulations – chaired by Senator Ted Cruz- had a plethora of liberals that actually had no clue whatsoever about anything important. From the Chairman of the Sierra Club, Aaron Mair, to some guy named William Scott, the parade of idiots never ended.

The arrogance of environ-‘mental’ -ists

Senator Cruz took Aaron Mair apart in an exchange over the objective data about global warming. Asked whether the Sierra Club would be willing to retract their stance in light of real evidence, Mair just kept repeating himself. Which make us wonder – the head of an environmental organization  doesn’t appear to know what the heck he’s talking about.

And that other guy…well, someone needs to tell him about seeds, dirt, and how things work in all of that. And government regulation is now supposed to protect us from ‘contaminated’ wood? Who knew?

 govt regulation

Screenshot of William C. Scott during testimony

Liberal thought, or lack thereof

The topic of the hearing was about how Government Regulation is hurting small businesses- such as farmers and others. And that’s where it started.

Scott: Uh, sure. I think that there are, uh, regulations that help us, you know, they work along with business owners, um, that are not stifling or that are holding businesses back in any kind of way, but that help with clean food, uh, since I hear all the times deal with farmers, uh, a lot of times we deal with putting seeds in the ground that has nourishment towards coming into our bodies, um, and having regulations in place that require having those nutrients in place that help with our life as a whole. Cause, uh, if we, um, don’t have things in place, we won’t actually be here today. And, um, I look at, too, within, looking in this room, we have wood that’s in here, uh, that this building and this table and everything is made out of wood. Without regulation, would we have clean, um, wood in here or would it be contaminated? Would we, uh, the carpet that we walk on, would the carpet be the quality that it is or would it just tear up as soon as it’s put down? So I think those regulations can work along with business owners could be something that’s beneficial to everybody.

Seeds need govt regulation to grow.

First, we have the seeds that need government regulation to grow nutritious food. Right. should we tell him that seeds have been planted and grow nutritious food since before caveman days?  Oh, okay, that’s right, the government tells the seeds what to do. Good grief how did mankind EVER survive this long?

Wood is dangerous without the government!

Then we have wood that needs government regulation to be “clean,” particularly the wood in the Senate. That must be the reason Congress and the White House are so messed up. They’ve been poisoned by the wood in the buildings.  Oh, right. Liberal. Never mind.

And finally we have those carpets that just fall apart when you put them down. I suppose there could be a case for those if they are made in one of those cheap foreign places…oh wait, we just signed a trade agreement with a bunch of those. A FREE trade agreement. What was that about needing regulations?

Senator Cruz vs the Sierra Club

Mr. Scott

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