Liberals threaten your life and your website- will it get worse under Net Neutrality?

By Faye Higbee

People didn’t pay much attention to Obama’s “net neutrality” that was passed on February 26, 2015. The 332 page document was rushed through with nary a whimper from the Republican controlled Congress. According to a CNS news report by Rudy Takala over the weekend, at least one member of the FCC Commission, Ajit Pai, has been regularly sounding the alarm – and paying for it with death threats.

net neutrality

Ajit Pai with the 332 page Net Neutrality regulations

If you don’t agree, they threaten you

“I can tell you it has not been an easy couple of months personally. My address has been publicly released. My wife’s name, my kids’ names, my kids’ birthdays, my phone number, all kinds of threats [have come] online.” Ajit Pai at the Right Online Conference

Although he didn’t expand on that statement,  Pai is one of two Republicans on the 5 person FCC Commission. He envisions a time in which the FEC and/or FCC will come after internet websites based upon their political content. But some of the leftists apparently don’t want him to say anything.

The Net Neutrality regulations go into effect June 12. It reclassifies internet providers as “utilities,” and requires them not to “throttle” internet traffic. But what if the government should decide that certain websites are having a disproportionate effect  on “traffic” or the “conversation” and they decide to attempt to pull them down?

An ongoing cultural commitment

Pai stated,

“Is it unthinkable that some government agency would say the marketplace of ideas is too fraught with dissonance? That everything from the Drudge Report to Fox News… is playing unfairly in the online political speech sandbox? I don’t think so…

The First Amendment means not just the cold parchment that’s in the Constitution. It’s an ongoing cultural commitment, and I sense that among a substantial number of Americans and a disturbing number of regulators here in Washington that online speech is [considered] a dangerous brave new world that needs to be regulated.”

The penchant of liberals to  threaten to kill anyone who disagrees with them is apparent in Mr. Pai’s case. He has been a outspoken critic of Net Neutrality since the beginning. In addition to the threat of shutting down opposing views, it also brings in the real possibility of higher internet costs from new taxes imposed on providers, and subsidies paid to certain groups for access to the internet.

Pai says that smaller IP companies are struggling with the new regulations. June is almost here, America. Stay tuned.