Liberals are Melting after Trump’s Paris Accord Pull Out

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Not only are the messages to Donald Trump hateful after his Paris Accord pull out, but international leaders are throwing all sorts of tantrums. After meeting with Trump at the G7, Merkel was so angry she told Germany that Europe could no longer rely on the US and UK.  But the best response came from France’s new leader: Emmanuel Macron asked Americans to come live in France.  You know because Science. (If all the snowflakes would take him up on it, we’d cheer and help them pack).

The “we’re all gonna die” idea is crazy. Like snakes/mosquitoes/fish/gators/in a swamp that is being drained fight for their lives before the water is all gone, liberals worldwide are going berserk over the President’s decision. The fact is that staying in the accord would reduce the United States GDP by over $2.5 Trillion.

And yet, some cities are defying The Donald by saying they will stay in the accord regardless. THOSE people should move to France.

Macron asked scientists to come to France, while at the same time saying he respect’s Trump’s decision. Sure.

Then there were the completely hysterical responses reported in the Federalist:

Tom Steyer said pulling out of the Paris accord would be a “traitorous act of war against the American people.” So, sucking our economy dry for 3rd world nations is “traitorous?”

Scientific American implied that without the United States the whole planet would die.

The Washington Post is blaming Trump for a large crack that opened up in and ice shelf in Antarctica.

Then there was the threat for President Trump: “History will condemn you” if you leave the Paris Accord.  Egad.

They complained that Trump must have never heard of science. They wanted to start a class action suit against the President. They said that his action would doom life on earth.The Sierra Club claimed he had “turned his back” on Americans in every single state. They drew analogy of leaving the Paris accord to withdrawing support for abortions worldwide. And they had a few other choice words:

The ACLU lost its mind and compared the Paris accord to “Racial justice” with this winner:

What in the world does climate have to do with racial issues? Never mind. Liberals.

The President stated he wanted to re-negotiate a deal that would protect the environment but not drain America’s wealth. European Leaders balk at that idea and say the deal can’t be changed because it’s a “global consensus.” No doubt about that – the world wants America’s money and they are throwing fits because they’ve been cut off.

“I was elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” Donald Trump

Oh, and by the way: the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest in 16 years for the month of May because of the addition of 564,000 jobs since February. Just sayin’.

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