Liberal Judge Sets Signature Bond for Five Jihadis from New Mexico Camp

By Faye Higbee

Judge Sarah Backus, a Democrat, released all five jihadis arrested at a New Mexico camp prior to trial on a “signature bond.” She ordered them to “wear ankle monitors, have weekly contact with their attorneys and not consume alcohol or own firearms while on bail.” She said the prosecutors failed to show a danger to the public. It means that they did not have to post money to be released. Only one of the five may remain in custody in spite of the bond, and that’s because of an outstanding warrant.

“What I’ve heard here today is troubling, definitely. Troubling facts about numerous children in far from ideal circumstances and individuals who are living in a very unconventional way.” Judge Sarah Backus

Eleven children were nearly starved. One child died and his body left in a secret tunnel. Firearms were being used to teach children to do school shootings. The group leader, Siraj Wahhaj, is the son of a radical Imam who advocates Islam taking over the United States. But there is no “danger to the public?”  That’s just “troubling” and “unconventional?”

Wahhaj may remain in custody due to being detained on a warrant out of Georgia. But the others were to be released Tuesday.

The reaction against her has been swift, with people are calling for her to be removed from the bench. She has placed the public in danger herself by releasing suspected terrorists.

“By releasing these suspects without even requiring them to post bail, Judge Backus has put people in danger and created the risk that they could flee and harm other children and communities as well. If New Mexico Democratic Party leaders are serious about keeping our state safe, they should join me in denouncing Judge Backus and the incredible failure of leadership and judgment demonstrated by her terrible decision.” Ryan Cangiolosi, NM Republican Party Chairman in the Fox News report