Let’s Walk It Out – 222 Mile Ruck for Veteran Suicide Awareness

Faye Higbee

222 Miles is a long way, but the rugged participants of “Let’s Walk It Out” are up for it. The lives of US veterans are a worthy focus for walking such a long distance from Fayetteville, to Camp LeJeune and back again to stop at Charlie Mike’s Pub in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The ruck march in 2021 was such a success that the organization has planned another one: from March 31 to April 9, 2022. And registration is open, so don’t miss out!

Story continues below Tank’s interview with the founder of the march:



Our brothers and sisters in the military, Veterans Law Enforcement, and First Responder communities often carry a burden that makes them want to leave us behind. Physical discomfort often subsides with rest and Motrin, but emotional pain isn’t always as easily remedied. The Let’s Walk It Out march is a 222-mile journey from Fayetteville to Camp Lejuene and back that will push the body physically in an effort to mimic the mental strain our nation’s best sometimes endure silently. A life of service can leave its mark. But together we can impress upon our heroes they are not alone. Let’s Walk It Out.

Let’s Walk It Out organization

At least 33 companies/nonprofits sponsored the 2021 Let’s Walk It Out ruck march.

Initially, JP Cervantes, a Special Forces veteran whom we’ve written about previously, planned to do the march by himself with a GoFundMe. But when word spread, it turned into a huge event with different nonprofits joining to help. It was such a huge success with many participants that now it will be an annual event. JP is the founder of the Nous Defions Group, VTSR Podcasts, as well as the Let’s Walk It Out Ruck march. He is also a special ambassador for the Special Forces Foundation. That’s not counting being an actor, film consultant, speaker, and working to save victims of human trafficking. (AKA Busy Guy).

JP preparing for the first ruck march. Screenshot

At one point this year, JP underwent gall bladder surgery that caused him to be out of commission for a month. We’re thankful he survived so that he can continue the mission (charlie mike). This Special Forces veteran has a lot of missions to continue. He is a much needed force for good in the nation!


Featured screenshot via Let’s Walk It Out

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