Legacy of the DNC: Fart-In and Flag Burning

Legacy of the DNC: Fart-In and Flag Burning

Sanders supporters had planned a “Bean Banquet” or “Fart-in” during Hillary’s acceptance speech for Thursday, but moved it up to Wednesday evening. So Hillary won’t have to hold her nose tomorrow night. But that isn’t the only thing they’ve been doing- they’ve been burning American flags, even the Israeli flag.

That explains why they haven’t had many American Flags at the DNC Convention. People keep wanting to burn them.

US News and World Report wrote,

A bean banquet originally planned for Thursday afternoon in northern Philadelphia now will happen at 6 p.m. Wednesday at a heavily trafficked intersection west of the Wells Fargo Center, Honkala says. It’s unclear how many Sanders delegates will show up and admit to consuming beans with the intention of committing mass flatulence. It’s also unclear which Wednesday night speaker – if any – they will target instead of Clinton, who is speaking Thursday.


Activists ran out of flags and started burning Bernie signs

The tweets by US News and World Report journalist Steve Nelson also documented the flag burnings. Police stood by and did nothing as protesters torched both US and Israeli flags.