Left Wing Terrorism?- Envelope of Suspected Ricin Intercepted, Addressed to President Trump

By Faye Higbee

On Monday, the US Secret Service intercepted a letter addressed to President Trump that was suspected of containing ricin. It came the same day as two similar letters were received at the Pentagon Mail facility that were addressed to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and CNO Admiral John Richardson, as we previously reported. The letter to the President never made it inside the White House, and since the mail facilites are separate, it never would. So what’s the agenda?

“Mr. President, your military does not scare.” Secretary of Defense James Mattis, 2017

So if the agenda of fear won’t work, what else is there? Within the last 48 hours suspicious mail has been sent to four high profile leaders: Trump, Mattis, Richardson and Cruz. Three of those contained a lethal substance.

Senator Ted Cruz’s Houston Campaign office also received a letter containing white powder, and two workers were hospitalized after being exposed to it as a precaution. The building was evacuated, but the particular white powder was found to be nontoxic, according to the Chron.

No mail containing white powder could reach the White House, the Congress, or the Pentagon these days.  A campaign office, maybe, but still unlikely if any protocols are in place. Most people with even half a brain would know that. While the possibility of a mentally ill mad scientist is real, there may be something else going on.

One Twitter user, Dr. James A. remarked:

“Less than 1 week after Democrats said “are you ready for violence?” and promised to invade homes.. Republicans doxxed Rep. Andy Harris physically assaulted by Leftists Ricin sent to Pentagon Trump needs to declare Democrats a domestic terrorist group…”

Too much of coincidence that all these things have been happening right before midterm elections. Leftists are claiming it’s a distraction from Trump and Kavanaugh “crimes.”

It’s a distraction for sure, but from what? They couldn’t get the President on the Russia collusion, so now they’ve worked hard to find something new. The destruction of Brett Kavanaugh is only the tip of the iceberg. Is the plan to make people so tired of the upheaval that they just lie down and let the left run away with the country?

Think about it.