Left Threatens Boycott, Trump Products Fly off the Shelves

By Faye Higbee

There are a couple of retailers that have figured out that caving to the left hurts their business. Ivanka Trump’s Signature Perfume has sailed to number 1 on Amazon, and NY based Wegmans Grocery in Virginia can’t keep Trump Wine on their shelves in spite of boycott threats.

Companies like Nordstroms and Sears that have discontinued Trump merchandise are all claiming “business decisions” – in spite of the fact the liberals have literally inundated the companies with threats to boycott their businesses.

Thrust and Pary

Market Watch suggested that sometimes a “resistance economy” can help a brand as well as hurt it. That seems to be true of Wegmans Grocery for Trump Wine as well as Amazon for Ivanka’s Signature perfumes.

The left’s #GrabYourWallet campaign appears to have backfired in this atmosphere.

The Daily Wire reported on Trump Wine:

“The…grocer said that nine of its Virginia stores had sold out of the Trump-banded wine despite efforts to boycott of the product and Wegmans for selling it,” reports the Democrat and Chronicle, a paper from upstate New York where the grocer was established. “Wegmans said midday Friday that only its Charlottesville store had any bottles remaining, 160 left of a Meritage and about 18 of a Cru.”

“All other [Virginia] stores are out of stock of all Trump wines,” said Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natale. “We will replenish our supply, but it may be three or four weeks before it is available again.”

While the NY-based chain currently only offers Trump Winery products in its VA stores, their other locations offer customers an option to special order the product. 

[Note: the Trump wine business is in the hands of son Eric.]

trump products

Ivanka Perfumes literally soared to Number 1 on Amazon after Nordstroms dumped it. Her fragrance sells for between $15 and $40.

“If buying a $15 perfume helps just a little in sending a message to those companies that are caving in to the left and their intolerant hate of OUR President then so be it.” Miranda Taylor, Perfume buyer

And so the civil war rages on.