Leaked Videos from Facebook’s Zuckerberg Justifying the Removal of Trump

By Faye Higbee

In leaked videos given to Project Veritas, Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies admit that they have “wide-ranging” power to censor speech and “promote partisan objectives.” Part of that objective was to remove Donald Trump from the platform because they felt that he wanted to “undermine the peaceful transition of power.” They are extremely happy with Biden.

In his first day, President Biden already issued a number of Executive Orders on areas that we as a company care quite deeply about and have for some time. Areas like immigration, preserving DACA, ending restrictions on travel from Muslim-majority countries, as well as other Executive Orders on climate and advancing racial justice and equity. I think these were all important and positive steps.

Mark Zuckerberg

“Positive steps” – like single-handedly destroying the entire US economy? Brilliant, Zuck.

Then there was this when they completely deplatformed a President of the United States, and several world leaders were aghast at the situation:

There has been quite a lot of disquiet expressed by many leaders around the world, from the President of Mexico to Alexei Navalny in Russia, and Chancellor Angela Merkel and others saying, ‘well this shows that private companies have got too much power…’ we agree with that.

Ideally, we wouldn’t be making these decisions on our own, we would be making these decisions in line with our own conformity, with democratically agreed rules and principles. At the moment, those democratically agreed rules don’t exist. We still have to make decisions in real-time.

Nick Clegg, Facebook Head of Global Affairs

Yes, those principles DO exist. The Constitution is what they’re supposed to “conform to,” not force Americans to conform to their leftist feelings and beliefs. These are outrageous people who have run roughshod over our rights as Americans.

We have a system that is able to freeze commenting on threads in cases where our systems are detecting that there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence… these are all things we’ve built over the past three-four years as part of our investments into the integrity space our efforts to protect the election.

Guy Rosen, VP of “Integrity” (or lack thereof)

Facebook has absolutely no “integrity.” Their own views are the only ones allowed. Their platform has no balance whatsoever. The “facebook insider” who gave the videos to Project Veritas literally risked his job to let people know the left wing partisanship of a platform used by millions upon millions of people worldwide.

Facebook appeared to take no action against Biden, despite the Democrat issuing a number of misleading posts before and after the election.

The Epoch Times

We already knew about it; it was nothing new, since we’ve been at the point of that spear many times before.


Featured photo: screenshot of Zuckerberg testifying before Congress

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