LCpl Hunter Clark, Marine Under Investigation for Speaking at a Trump Rally? Or Something Else?

Faye Higbee
hunter clark

LCpl Hunter Clark allegedly took charge of an Afghani child in Kabul when the mother handed the baby to the US Marines manning the wall at Kabul airport, as we previously reported. Now, because LCpl Clark said something about it at a Trump rally over the weekend, he is being investigated. The US Marine Corps is refuting his claim, saying that it’s not entirely accurate.

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“I am the guy who pulled the baby over the wall and it’s definitely probably the greatest things I’ve done in my entire life.” LCpl Hunter Clark

This is the image that he was talking about, a screenshot from a viral video shared on Twitter by Steve Hanke.

LCpl Hunter Clark receives an Afghan baby over the razor wire at Kabul airport.

So because he spoke to a Trump rally in civilian clothes, now he’s under investigation. It was actually because he claimed to be the Marine who took the baby – which may or may not be true. It could have been the excitement of the moment at being called to the stage, or it could be that the Marine Corps was embarrassed because Clark was at a Trump rally. Take your pick.

Clark spoke at the Trump rally in Perry, Georgia only after Trump invited him to the stage. It is not illegal for military members to say something about a non-classified operation when they are not in uniform. However, since the Marine Corps refutes his claim and says the person in that image was not Hunter Clark, the DoD is investigating whether military policies were violated.

Regarding the viral photo that began circulating around August 20, 2021, the Marine identified in that particular image was not LCpl Clark.

Kelton Cochran, spokesperson for the 24th MEU (IJR)

To be clear, When President Trump introduced Hunter Clark, he said, ‘‘We’re also honored to be joined by one of the Marines who bravely served in Kabul during the withdrawal. And helped evacuate children over … the airport wall. You saw him. He did a great job.”

So Trump may have suggested that Clark was the Marine, but he also said that other Marines were involved.

Where this will end up is anyone’s guess. But if LCpl Hunter Clark really did pull that baby across the razor wire, he’s a hero. Let’s start there.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Gateway Pundit

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