Lawndale, CA – Explosives, Military Grade Weapons Found in Vacant Home

By Faye Higbee

SOFREP reported that neighbors in a Lawndale, California neighborhood were evacuated Thursday, September 28, at around 11 p.m. after military grade explosives and weapons were found in a vacant residence as well as in the back yard.

Neighbors called police to report a suspicious vehicle with two occupants, a male and a female, in their area. When police arrived, the male was found to be a parolee. Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department learned that the man had stolen a gun from the residence. He told them about ordnance and other items in the back yard.

Police immediately evacuated the nearly 100 residents within a several block radius as a precaution. They were taken to Leuzinger High School’s cafeteria or wandered around the area waiting for the all clear. Twelve hours later, many of them just went to work.

According to CBS Los Angeles, not only were there military grade explosives and bombs in the back yard, but the inside of the house was a large cache of artillery shells, mortars, ammunition, and grenades. But in a shed on the property police also found more ammunition and other items.

Most of the munitions and ammo were from WWII. Some were inert, others were live. LASD brought in the bomb disposal truck to detonate the live munitions.

It is unclear at this point who owns the residence.


Featured Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department