Lawmakers Say Americans Being Blocked from Kabul Airport

The Pentagon and State Department claim they’re still evacuating Americans, but some lawmakers are claiming that Americans are not being allowed through the gates at the Kabul airport. At all. Some are saying they are stopped by the Taliban, and others are saying that the US government is not allowing them in. This comes after the US State Department spokesman Ned Price stated that there were several hundred US citizens they were working with who wanted to leave (Sofrep). Are the lawmakers right?

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A video posted on Fox news shows a group of Americans, Special Immigration Visa (SIV) applicants, and Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) being blocked at a Taliban checkpoint. According to Fox news, there are no known plans for the military to come and get them.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby specifically said that, “Any U.S. passport holder that wants to get in can get in. And we are still, if I’m wrong here, I don’t think I’m wrong, we are still processing and getting on planes SIV applicants as well vulnerable Afghans.”

Even if they were able to get to the airport, the US might not open the gates for them, according to the lawmakers.

Biden ordered the gates of the airport closed after an imminent threat surfaced. A US military drone took care of that problem early this morning when it blew up a vehicle full of suicide bombers. Tomorrow is the deadline for evacuations and Biden has been sticking to that deadline. Unfortunately, the military has to leave asap – they have equipment and helicopters to take with them. They have just over 5,000 Marines and Army personnel to move and that takes time. Biden’s reliance on the Taliban has been costly. Now there is anger roiling through Congress in addition to the US military for the debacle that left 13 service members dead and at least 18 seriously wounded.

Where will this lead? Strength saves lives, weakness does not.


Featured photo: Screenshot via video of group stopped at Taliban checkpoint

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