Lauren Boebert – 2nd Amendment on the Hill!

Lauren Boebert is an elected Representative from the state of Colorado. After Democrat Jared Huffman (D-CA) and 19 of his Democrat colleagues attempted to stop any members of the House from carrying a weapon, Lauren rallied another 83 Reps to block his move. (Daily Caller) She is serious about her Second Amendment Rights, and plans to carry her Glock to work. (Daily Caller)

Lauren Boebert

I refuse to give up my Second Amendment rights. I’m a 5-foot tall, 100-pound mom with four children and will be walking to work and serving in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. I choose to defend my family and my life with all of the force the Constitution provides. I will not let a bunch of gun-grabbing House Democrats take away my Constitutional right to protect myself.

Lauren Boebert in a press release

Lauren is the owner of Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, Colorado. All of her waitresses open carry and are required to take gun classes and regularly train with their weapons. Some of her customers “pack heat” as well. A few of her customers don’t like it, but then they don’t have to return.

Screenshot of Lauren and some of her waitstaff via Shooters Grill

When Boebert first arrived in DC, she asked the Capitol Police if she could have her weapon. They informed her that there is no regulation against members of Congress carrying a weapon as long as it is safely stored in their offices when they reach the Capitol complex. House Rules require them not to bring it into the chamber. Rep Huffman had attempted to remove the ability to carry a weapon because it was “a needless risk.” Gun-grabbers always think that law abiding gun owners are the risk instead of criminals.

The rule that allows them to carry to and from their offices has been in place since 1967.

If Members can’t carry on Capitol grounds, they can’t protect themselves in D.C. while making their way to and from their offices to perform their official duties. The ‘last-mile’ transition of self-protection is critical. The current regulations provide transitional coverage once the Member is physically on campus. Changing the current regulations could create new problems and uncertainty for lawful carrying Members in terms of what to do with a firearm once the Member arrives at the Congressional Complex.

Moreover, and most importantly, Members need to be able to protect themselves once the Member is in the public space/street and out of the protective care of the Capitol Police. If the current regulations are changed, the Member will be at risk of physical assault and real danger, especially after voicing views of his or her constituents that may not be held by others physically present in Washington D.C

83 members of the House and Members Elect

The press release cited Gun Owners of America, the NRA, and the Conservative Partnership Institute as all supporting Lauren Boebert’s stand.

On July 24, 1998, a gunman entered through a Member and employee entrance on the Eastside of the Capitol with a six-shot revolver. When the metal detector alarm went off, the gunman shot a Capitol Police Officer in the back of the head and then fled to a corridor filled with several House leadership offices while engaging in a shootout. The gunman was shot and apprehended after entering the office of then Majority Whip Tom DeLay. Tragically, two Capitol Police Officers died during the 1998 shooting.

On June 14, 2017, at a practice session attended by 24 Members of Congress at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia, for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, a gunman opened fire on the Members and engaged in a ten-minute shootout with officers from the Capitol Police. Thanks to the quick actions of the officers that day the only causality was the gunman. However, then U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was critically injured and nearly lost his life. The three Capitol Police officers present at the practice were assigned to protect Whip Scalise who, due to his House leadership position, had a full-time security detail. Had these heroes not been there, the 24 Members of Congress present at the practice would have been unguarded and it’s likely several more would have been critically injured or even killed.

Lauren Boebert’s press release

It is unclear if Nancy Pelosi and Jim McGovern decided to listen to Jared Huffman and his 19 Democrats, or the 84 members of the House who wrote the letter to ask for the status quo. The House rules will be voted on this coming week.

P.S. – Lauren Boebert is the one who told Beto O’Rourke that he was NOT taking her AR. She’s got spunk, and more courage in her little finger than several members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.


Featured photo: screenshot from Fox

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