Laurel, Nebraska: 2 Mysterious Explosions, 4 Dead

Faye Higbee

Laurel, Nebraska is a tiny town of almost 1000 people in Cedar County in the upper northeast corner of the state. Everybody knows everybody. But at around 3 a.m. on Thursday morning, the town was shaken by an explosion and fire, at 209 Elm as numerous law enforcement agencies and volunteer fire departments responded. As first responders came on scene, a 911 call came in about another explosion and fire just about 3 blocks away at 503 Elm. 4 people died in those fires – 1 in the first home, and 3 in the second home. Foul play is suspected. The Fire Marshal states that an accelerant was used.

A suspect was seen driving from the scene in a silver sedan. The only description was a “Black male” who might have stopped to pick up a passenger on his way out of town. He was last seen driving West on Highway 20.

Nebraska State Police Col John Bolduc, and Cedar County Sheriff Larry Koranda at the first Press conference

Police said that they couldn’t release anymore information, but some reporters stated that the deceased persons may have been shot first, and the explosions/fire next. Police stated that the Medical Examiner would whether that was true.

Reporters asked Col Bolduc if drugs were involved and he simply atated it was too early to know that yet. When asked during the press conference if the deceased persons knew their attacker, the Nebraska State Police stated they were not releasing any further information. One reporter asked if the community was safe: Col John Bolduc didn’t answer, just turned the mic over to the Cedar County Sheriff, Larry Koranda. He simply said that Laurel was a small community, and everyone should pay attention to anything or anyone out of place. Police are asking the public to send them any security footage from the area. They also stated that the suspect(s) could have been burned during the commission of the crime, so they will be canvassing the area to see if something turns up.

The Medical Examiner will be performing autopsies to determine whether the deceased died in the fires or died from gunshots. Note: The small town of Laurel is reportedly around 96% White. We will update this article when more information is forthcoming.


Featured screenshot of the second crime scene via Twitter @AlexMcLoon

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