Latino Marine Veteran is Really Tired of Being Called “Racist”

People are constantly referring to Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children as “racist” or “white supremacists” and Founder Latino Marine Veteran Rick Ferran (aka “Tank”) is sick of it. He’s “brown and proud.” He comes from Cuba. He is not white. But of course, the Democrats and leftists will use anything to paint us all with the same brush. It’s called “virtue signalling.” Only, those who do that have very little virtue in the first place.

Origins in Cuba

Cuba is multiracial with mainly Spanish and African origins. Some of them are of Middle America origins as well. Afro-Cuban religions, a blend of native African religions and Roman Catholicism, are widely practiced in Cuba, according to Global Security. So calling our Founder a “white supremacist” is way off the mark.

We aren’t part of the anti-Semitic crowd, as we have stated before, because we love Israel. We love our military, police, firefighters, and patriots of all colors.

“In the Marines, there is only one color: green. We don’t care whether you’re black, white, red, yellow or whatever- you’re just green. And with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, you’re only one of two things: a patriot or a commie. Race is not part of anything.” Rick Ferran

Rick is particularly frustrated at watching his beloved America flat out run left toward Communist ideals.

“Republicans are using the word ‘socialist’ a lot in this campaign, but the fact is there’s very little difference between socialists and communists. Venezuela is a perfect example. Do we want to end up like Venezuela? No.” Rick

The hypocrisy of Democrats is stunning. They care more about illegals than citizens. They’d rather support some hatemongers like Louis Farrakhan than real lovers of America like Trump. They scream in support of feminists who unjustly accuse a justice, but when someone accuses one of their heroes, it’s crickets. They call everyone who loves America “racist.” The biggest intolerance and racism is coming from the left.