Larry Guerreri – Long Island Illegal Weapons Dealer

By Faye Higbee

Larry Guerreri, 65, lives in Patchogue, on Long Island in an innocuous looking residence on a quiet street. But that home hid an illegal weapons business, and Guerreri did not have an FFL license. He might have continued his business had he not sold a weapon to an undercover officer in January. He was arraigned in court on Thursday and is being held on $250,000 bond in Suffolk County jail.

Screenshot via CBS News

Screenshot via NY Daily News

What did investigators find?

  • 4 AR platform rifles
  • 19 rifles and shotguns
  • 25 handguns
  • 10 knives
  • 50 large capacity magazines, including a 50 bullet drum
  • 18 metal boxes of ammunition

A tip came in through an officer in the pistol licensing bureau and an investigation was launched.

Guerreri sold an AR-15, and then an M-4 and 4 large capacity magazines to an undercover officer, and then offered him another rifle with a “suppressor and telescoping stock,” according to the New York Daily News. Even though the undercover policeman told him that he couldn’t legally buy a gun in the state of New York. No matter, Guerreri couldn’t legally sell a gun in New York.

Investigators also found armor piercing rounds among the thousands of rounds of ammo in the house.

The large capacity magazines are illegal in New York. It is unclear if Guerreri had a permit to own a handgun.

“Authorities recorded 66,475 active pistol permits in Long Island communities as of the end of January 2016, according to data from Nassau and Suffolk county police and the Suffolk Sheriff’s office.” Newsday

Local authorities were extremely concerned about Guerreri’s activities, but were happy about taking him down. He had no previous criminal record.

“These are killing machines, and these are in the hands of someone selling them illegally. We were able to put an end to a recipe for a massacre. It was as if he had a general store in his house. He was clearly displaying them, showing them off…It’s basically profiting off potential murder. This takes place on the heels of yet another mass shooting in our country.” Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini