LA Mayor Garcetti Caught Maskless: “I Held My Breath.”

Faye Higbee
la mayor garcetti

The Los Angeles Rams are headed to the Super Bowl. LA Mayor Garcetti is headed to the Bill Clinton ‘hall of stupidity’ after he was caught maskless at the playoff game. His response to the photos of him not wearing a mask rivaled that of Bill Clinton who promised he didn’t inhale while smoking marijuana. The new excuse? “I held my breath.”

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As in hundreds of similar situations since the beginning of the dreaded mask mandates under Covid restrictions, Democrats have been quick to do their own thing and not wear masks while the rest of the populace struggles to breathe with the ridiculous coverings over their noses. And mouths. And chins. With sore ears and fogged up glasses, we’ve endured a lot every time we go to the doctor’s office. In the case of California, it’s everywhere. Even SoFi stadium, where LA Mayor Garcetti was photographed without a mask in spite of the mask mandate in Los Angeles and the stadium. Keep in mind a lot of folks in the stadium weren’t actually wearing a mask. As Arte Johnson would have said… “It’s stupid.” And it’s so hard to cheer for your team at the top of your lungs with a ridiculous mask over your mouth. But it was his statement that garnered the response.

The Los Angeles mayor was widely mocked on social media for what some users saw as a stunning response to a question stemming from a photograph that showed him posing maskless with NBA legend Magic Johnson and San Francisco Mayor London Breed

The three were inside a luxury box at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood Sunday to watch the NFC Championship game. Johnson posted the photo on Twitter along with another picture with Gov. Gavin Newsom — also seen without a mask…

“I’ll take personal responsibility,” he said, before telling reporters that “if it makes you and everyone else happy — or even the photographs with people where literally I’m holding my breath for two seconds — I won’t even do that.”

California implemented a universal indoor mask mandate in December that was extended to run through Feb. 15. SoFi Stadium, located in Inglewood, also has a mask policy requiring all fans to mask up unless they are eating or drinking

Fox News

In every single case of “rules for thee but not for me,” Democrats have been defiant in their responses after getting caught maskless and LA Mayor Garcetti is no different. Claiming to hold his breath for two seconds is a little over the top. It appears to be OK for the big wigs to violate the mask rules, but when peons do it, bad things happen. The best solution would be to dump the mask mandates altogether. Then no one would get “caught” violating it.


Featured screenshot of Magic Johnson, SF Mayor London Breed and LA Mayor Garcetti via Twitter

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