LA County Supervisors Vote to Fire 4,000 Unvaccinated Deputies. Sheriff is Unhappy.

Faye Higbee
LA county supervisors

Can politicians make police angry enough that they retaliate? Yes. The LA County Supervisors voted on Tuesday to start firing 4,000 deputies at a time when crime is surging in the area. Sheriff Alex Villanueva has declined to enforce the vaccine mandates on his men, and even overlooked many violations by businesses during the height of the pandemic. Only about 60% of LASD employees are vaccinated. The Sheriff referred to the vote as a “suicide pact.”

Today the Board of Supervisors followed through on their threat and voted 4-0 (1 abstention) to form a suicide pact and start the process to fire 4,000 deputies for not being vaccinated. Showing deliberate indifference to the obvious impact on public safety, the Board hid behind an alleged threat to public safety they couldn’t back up with data. Tellingly, the Board’s own County Counsel (Rodrigo Castro-Silva) couldn’t offer even a basic legal opinion on the legality of the Board’s motion, or the obvious legal challenges they will face.

The Board, who ignored the comments made by thousands of their constituents today during their meeting, is now seeking to fire the very same personnel who were forced to work in person, exposing themselves to the COVID-19 virus when there was no vaccine, while the Supervisors and most of the workforce were telecommuting from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Supervisor Kuehl falsely asserted in her motion that LASD employees represented 74% of infected County employees, ignoring the simple fact most infections were during pre-vaccine availability…

It is important to remember Department personnel who chose not to vaccinate are required to submit to weekly COVID testing, and have committed no administrative offense.

This is nothing more than another politically motivated stunt by the Board, which has no bearing on public health, but will definitely harm public safety.

Sheriff Villanueva (Breitbart)

The homicide rate in Los Angeles County has risen 94%. Yet the LA County Supervisors think they’re doing everyone a favor. What they’re doing is endangering the public. The final vote will be held on March 15. Hopefully the backlash from this stupidity will stop them. If it doesn’t…


Featured screenshot: Sheriff Alex Villanueva via

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