Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted On All Counts

Faye Higbee

Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all counts is what the headlines read this morning. Protesters gathered outside the courthouse: leftists demanded he be found guilty…they lost. The jury had no dissension. Judge Schroeder commended the jury for attention to the proceedings and thanked them for their duty. As the verdict was read, the tension caused Rittenhouse to start shaking and then burst into tears as he heard the “not guilty” verdict.


Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of all counts.

The Judge told jurors that they had no obligation to speak with the news media, but that that they could “as little or as much” as they wanted. When they left the courtroom, they were silent and covered their faces. The judge also addressed any harassment should they not want to comment: “They are not to contact you. If anyone does contact you and you tell them you’re not interested in discussing it. If that’s the case and if anyone persists in doing so, report that to us and it will be addressed. I assure you.” 

Many of them walked out of the elevator with masks pulled up very far and hoods on. It was clear they didn’t want to be seen or talk to the media.

Jiovanni Lieggi, Fox News

The case has polarized the debate over the Second Amendment and the idea of self-defense. As is normal with leftists, they say no one has the right to defend themselves, and especialy not a “right wing militia” person like Kyle. This verdict proves them wrong. Biden characterized Kyle as a “white supremacist” when he was just a kid who went to Kenosha to help in the middle of extreme unrest. Maybe not a wise choice, but nothing deserving of facing life in prison for trying to save his own life. It was a stunning win to see him acquitted.

The National Guard is on standby a couple of counties away from Kenosha as the city holds its breath to see what the so-called “protesters” will do. The expectation that they will rampage through the town again is high – but IF the city has any brains left at all, they’ll shut that down immediately and make arrests.

We’re thankful this jury and the judge saw the lies and agenda of the Prosecution and corrected it.


Featured photo: screenshot via NTD video

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