Knoxville – Austin East Magnet High School Shooting – 1 dead, 1 Officer Injured

It’s been a rough day, with the aftermath of the shooting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Now one in Knoxville, Tennessee at Austin East Magnet High School allegedly by a Black teen left one man dead and a police officer injured. Oh, and don’t forget there was an active shooter that had active Domestic Violence warrants in Westerville, Ohio who opened fire inside a hospital. Great fodder for the gun control advocates, but let’s break some of these down.

UPDATE: The subject in the featured photo was a person detained by police, not the suspect. The suspect was killed by police after he opened fire.

Screensot of incident at Austin East Magnet High School via Twitter

Knoxville – Austin East Magnet High School

In Knoxville, three students from the Austin East Magnet High School were shot dead over the last several weeks, but not on campus. At around 3:15 p.m. local time on Monday, police responded to the report of a subject with a gun in the school. Upon arrival shots were exchanged, and the suspect allegedly wounded an officer (School Resource Officer). The suspect was a Black male. Is there a problem with the guns or is there an issue with the teens? People like Shannon Watts believe it’s the gun and shrieked for more gun control. But after a year of being locked down and no real school, it seems like these students needed help and didn’t receive it.

A teenager shouldn’t have been able to purchase a gun, so how or where did he get it? Police didn’t say the previous shootings were connected to this one, but we hope they find out why so many students at this particular school have been killed. Today’s victim was not named, but speculation that it was the school principal was rampant on social media.

At around 3:15 p.m. on Monday, April 12, 2021, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to an officer-involved shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School. Based on the preliminary investigation, Knoxville Police Department officers responded to Austin-East Magnet High School on the report of a male subject who was possibly armed in the school. Upon approach of the subject, shots were fired. A KPD officer was struck at least one time and transported to the UT Medical Center with injuries that are not expected to be life-threatening. One male was pronounced deceased at the scene, while another was detained for further investigation. There are no other known gunshot victims. Per standard protocol for officer-involved shootings, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will lead the investigation.

Knoxville Police

The injured officer will recover, and told people that he’d rather be the one who got shot than anyone else. Meanwhile, the Tennessee legislature paused a vote on the Second Amendment Sanctuary bill because of the shooting.

Let’s go back for a minute: The Ohio shooting at Mt Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital. The suspect in the incident should not have been able to possess a gun- he had active FELONY Domestic Violence warrants. Somebody either screwed up, or he had ways of skirting the law…as criminals generally do.

Although many reports claimed the Knoxville incident was a “mass shooting” it did not meet the criteria. But that narrative has been hyped all over social media.

Austin East Magnet High School obviously has a problem – and it’s not the gun, it’s the students who feel that killing someone will fix their issues. The schools need to take care of THAT problem instead of targeting the good folks who own guns.


Featured photo: Screenshot of suspect in the Knoxville shooting

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