King County Warning Labels: Guns are Hazardous to Your Health

By Faye Higbee

Washington State- King County Council Chairman Joe McDermott proposed a 5-piece legislation on Tuesday that includes health risk warning labels for all gun stores, firing ranges, and gun purchase applications. It also requires gun owners to securely store their weapons, and creates a collaborative work group to study ways of reducing violence in the county, etc. Four of the pieces go to the council, one goes to the King County Board of Health.

Washington State Initiative 1639, which will likely appear on the November ballot, also would require the labels.

According to King5,

“Under the proposed measure, warning signs would be posted outside retail locations, shooting ranges, and places transferring gun ownership. The signs would disclose the “significant” increase in health and life risks from owning a gun and would include contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

They would be available in 10 languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Amharic and Punjabi, according to King County.”

The required signs would be posted at the cash register and “conspicuously” at the entrance, as well as gun ranges, and places where guns are ‘transferred.’ They must be 8 1/2″ by 11″ and be in 30 point type. Each sign must say,

“WARNING: The presence of a firearm in the home significantly increases the risk of suicide, homicide, death during domestic violence disputes and unintentional deaths to children, household members and others.”

The signs also must encourage people who are experiencing emotional distress to contact the Crisis Connections Hotline.

The sponsor of the legislation claims that it’s not mean to be a “burden” on the gun retailers, but it’s meant to “convey information.” The first violation is a warning, but thereafter civil penalties are assessed at $100 per day. There are 136 individuals and stores licensed to sell guns in King County, according to the Seattle Times.

I’ve known a lot of people who start to buy a pack of cigarettes, read the warning label, and immediately put the pack back on the shelf, haven’t you? No?

King County and the state of Washington are attempting to use health laws to control “gun violence” because they view it as a health risk.

Criminals and the mentally ill could care less about signs OR consequences.