Killer Tornado Rips Through the Heartland, At Least 70 Dead.

Faye Higbee
killer tornado
Mayfield, Kentucky

A killer tornado tore a swath of devastation through Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee. The tornadoes- also called “long track” storms- tracked across more than 200 miles, and spawned other tornadoes. Officials say that at least 70 people are dead, and the death toll is expected to rise- potentially in excess of 100. Gov Beshear called it the worst tornado in Kentucky history. Officials dubbed it the “quad state tornado.”

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“Quad state” killer tornado

The cold December air collided with a warm front and created conditions ripe for tornadoes. December is not generally the time of tornados, but the killer tornado of last night was historic in its intensity and destruction.

Screenshot showing the “long-track” quad state tornado via @adham_ohm

Last night Western Kentucky experienced some of the worst tornado damage we’ve seen, and we are urging everyone to please stay safe as there are still active cells.

I’ve been in direct contact with local leaders and emergency management officials from the communities impacted, including Mayfield. I’ve declared a state of emergency and activated the kentucky guard, and the kystatepolice, as well as assistance through KYTC.

Gov Andy Beshear

Mayfield, Kentucky was hit so hard that their 500,000 gallon water tower totally collapsed and ripped its concrete footings out of the ground. Around 110 people were trapped inside a candle factory in the town of 10,000 when the killer tornado hit and the wall collapsed. Officials called it a “mass casualty” event. The tornado in Mayfield sucked up debris to 30,000 feet – about the cruising altitude of a commerical airplane. The destruction was also widespread in towns like Bowling Green and several other towns in Kentucky.

An Amazon warehouse in Illinois also collapsed overnight with around 100 employees inside. Many Twitter users were angry about that one, since Amazon had several hours of notification, yet continued to make employees work. At least 6 amazon employees were killed (Fox).

In Edwardsville, Illinois, two people were killed when a tornado ripped off the roof and a wall about the length of a football field collapsed at an Amazon distribution center Friday night, Edwardsville Police Chief Mike Fillback told The Associated Press. Workers were trapped in the building as emergency responders arrived and evacuated up to 100 people. An employee at the warehouse told a local news station that he saw people under debris and cars tossed into a retention pond.


In Monette, AR the killer tornadoes struck a nursing home.

States contacted Biden about disaster declaration funds, and he promised the necessary funds.


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter

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