Kenosha Riots: Burning Down the City. The Jacob Blake Excuse.

By Faye Higbee

Wisconsin – Kenosha riots continued overnight, with many more businesses burned down. On Sunday overnight, rioters torched a car dealership, leaving $1.5 Million in damages. On Monday overnight, they torched another car dealership and several other businesses. Here’s the problem: once again, the man at the center of the backlash, Jacob Blake, had an active warrant for his arrest. Yet the rioters aka opportunists are using the shooting as an excuse to burn down the city.

kenosha riots

A small car dearlership hit twice by arson rioters in Kenosha -screenshot via Twitter @news3leah

In both Portland and Seattle, the constant rioting has forced numerous businesses to leave either the downtown area or somewhere else outside of the city. The Kenosha riots may cause the same situation. The National Guard was called in to quell the riots, but the city was still in flames as of Monday night.

Jacob Blake

During the altercation with police, the officer was heard shouting “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” He refused to obey the commands of the police and walked back to his car. Allegedly there may have been a gun in the car. The cell phone video taken of the incident from across the street does not show the full situation.

“As always, the video currently circulating does not capture all the intricacies of a highly dynamic incident.” Pete Deates, President of the police  union

Prosecutors charged Blake on July 6 with third-degree sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse (Fox). There was an active warrant for his arrest on the day he was shot. That doesn’t mean police should automatically kill someone just because they have a criminal warrant, but it does make circumstances different. Blake is currently said to be paralyzed from the shooting (Chicago Sun-Times).

Keep also in mind that just a few days prior to this in incident, another Kenosha police officer was shot by a different Black male, which likely added to the tension of officers dealing with Blake.

But politicians and even Joe Biden piled on the officers, who are currently on administrative leave, demanding that they be held accountable. As usual, they are considered guilty before the investigation is completed.  There should be accountability to everyone across the board.

The riots are NOT “organic” they are opportunistic

Are the rioters “avenging” the shooting of Jacob Blake or are they opportunistic in their plan to “F*** shit up.” It was an excuse, not a true cause. Remember this poster from yesterday? Let’s ask how coordinated are these rioters? Are they just “avenging” a death or is this an agenda?

There’s also this one:

I’ll submit that this is an opportunistic agenda designed to destroy. The Kenosha riots are just another excuse to ravage a city.

Featured photo: screenshot of Kenosha riots via Fox News. Left: Sunday night destroyed car dealership, R-Monday night destroyed car dealership.


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