Karma Visits a Flasher

By Faye Higbee

There are some crimes that invite the presence of  Karma – one of those is “flashing” or, pulling out the ol’  johnson and showing it around to an unsuspecting audience.  One such incident in Portland, Oregon became a real “s****y” experience for the perpetrator.


a homeless man was trapped inside this tipped over Honey Bucket- photo by Ashley Korslein

A police Sergeant was flagged down at around 8 am on Thursday by a homeless person who told the officer that someone was trapped inside a tipped over port-a-potty along Portland’s Eastbank Esplanade.

A homeless man  had been  sitting inside a Honey Bucket with his pants down around his ankles and “pleasuring himself” with the door open. Someone apparently didn’t appreciate his “display” and tipped over the potty.

“An anonymous homeless person approached the police and said that the man had been inside the porta-potty with his pants around his ankles, holding the door open as he pleasured himself.  The person told the police that other homeless people were ‘tired of his behavior,’ so they knocked over the porta-potty and ran away.” Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson.

There ya go,  see? Even homeless people have morals. Some called it “street justice.”

The man was rescued from his predicament, and was not injured,  but was covered in human waste from head to toe.

Police decided that his situation was justice enough, so he didn’t need to be arrested. They also got him some fresh clothing. They were not able to locate whoever tipped over the Honey Bucket.

Over the years I have encountered many cases where someone just had to show off their ‘little brothers’ to whomever happens to be close by. I have also heard some fantastic remarks in response- things like a woman who stared at the item, turned her back and walked away, saying “I am not impressed.”

This one, however, is a definite visitation of Karma.