Kaneohe Bay Missing Navy Corpsman – Parents Receive Text Saying He’s OK

By Faye Higbee

Kaneohe Bay, Honolulu, Hawaii -A 24 year old Navy Hospital Corpsman, Seaman Shaun Palmer,  attached to the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines has been listed as missing since Sunday. But a text sent to his parents on Tuesday said, “I love you and I’m alive.” NCIS is investigating the now “unauthorized absence.”

Shaun was with a Marine who became involved in an “altercation” at Kelley O’Neil’s in Waikiki early Sunday morning. But Shaun failed to report for duty on Sunday, and hasn’t been seen since. A missing persons report was filed with Honolulu Police Department.

“We are absolutely relieved to hear news of (Palmer) communicating with his parents. At this point the command has still not made contact with the sailor, so we will continue to work with (the Naval Criminal Investigative Service) and local authorities until the situation is resolved.”  Marine Corps Base Hawaii spokesman Capt. Eric Abrams

The altercation at Kelley O’Neil’s was a non-injury incident that occurred around 4 a.m.on Sunday morning. The Marine was initially arrested, then released. Palmer’s supervisor and NCIS both viewed the bar’s video tapes, but did not find anything of help on them. The Corps stated that Shaun was not scheduled to participate in any Rim of the Pacific exercises. He also cancelled an Uber pickup at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Shaun’s mother was planning on flying to Honolulu to see if she could find her son. Since the text, her son’s phone has gone dead. The problem with texts is that anyone in possession of the phone can use it to send a message.

If you have any information on Shaun’s whereabouts, please call Honolulu police at (808) 529-3111.