Justice Stephen Breyer Announces His Retirement

Faye Higbee
stephen breyer

Justice Stephen Breyer, 83, has been a consistent liberal voice on the US Supreme Court for 20 years. Since Biden was inaugurated, Democrats have been demanding, cajoling, and pushing him to retire so Biden could nominate a younger, fresher progressive to the bench. Breyer will step down at the end of the current judicial term in early summer 2022.

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As we’ve previously noted, the current 6-3 split between Conservatives and Liberals on the court hasn’t always worked out to the benefit of either group. Sometimes two of the so-called Conservative justices have voted with the Liberals (most recently Roberts and Kavanaugh). On extremely rare occasions, the liberals have joined with the Conservatives on some issues. The raging liberalism of Sonya Sotomayor has often been a huge embarrassment to the Supreme Court as it was with her “disinformation” on Covid recently.

Stephen Breyer was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Clinton. Jen Psaki stated that it was his decision to retire at this time, but the decision comes after a campaign by the radical wing of the Democrats to get him to retire. Breyer has been described as only “mildly progressive.” How this will impact the court is anyone’s guess, but it will not affect the actual balance of justices unless they become influenced by the new person to the detriment of the majority.

It has always been the decision of any Supreme Court Justice if and when they decide to retire, and how they want to announce it, and that remains the case today. We have no additional details or information to share from @WhiteHouse.

Jen Psaki, White house Press Secretary on Twitter

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an “inconvenient” situation for Democrats. Having her pass away while Trump was in office, and the death of Anton Scalia just prior to Trump caused a near apoplexy within the liberal camp, since the GOP blocked the nomination of Merrick Garland. Thank goodness. Can you imagine what the court would be like if Garland had been allowed on the bench? (Shudder). Progressives wanted Ginsburg to retire as well, but she refused until she finally passed away.

During the campaign, Biden promised to nominate a Black woman for the bench. According to Fox, his favorite nominee would be progressive D.C. Circuit Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens with nominations for the Supreme Court now that Justice Stephen Breyer has stated he’s leaving. Another far left Progressive with an agenda will not serve the nation’s high court well…or the American Republic.


Featured screenshot of Stephen Breyer via Wikimedia commons

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