Judicial Atrocities and the ROE Question

By Bill Knight
Judicial atrocities and the ROE Question
The attack that killed 6 U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan lends credence  to the decision made by Lt. Clint Lorance to shoot two men on a motorcycle…a decision that placed him in prison for 19 years for murder.
Preventing transparency
The recent evidence regarding the Clint Lorance case casts a dark shadow on the military and their justice system… a system that prevents transparency within the USMJ, CID, and our government.
judicial atrocities

A suicide attacker riding this motorcycle killed 6 American soldiers in Afghanistan- December, 2015

 A Fox News article stated,
“…the government failed to disclose this information to the chain-of-command, counsel for the defense, and the court-martial. These significant failures strike at the very heart of American due process and show that the government violated its discovery and disclosure obligations…” Lt. Lorance’s attorneys
The failure of an entire system
Compare the court martial of Lt. Clint Lorance to questions that arise in the case of  Thomas Boyle, a civilian contractor killed in Afghanistan in 2012. 
If, in the case of Clint Lorance, questions arose regarding his order to shoot – why then is there no investigation into the shooting death of Thomas Boyle, a civilian contractor killed in Afghanistan?  Who gave that order to shoot? 
In the case of her husband,  Mrs. Boyle stated that “in my opinion it has become clear that CID has attempted to re-classify the very evidence that would document the fratricide of my husband in order to continue the cover-up.”
The bullies 
Who decides what evidence is made available to the families of those wrongly convicted and/or killed?  Our military justice system and DOJ are weapons.  A weapon used to control. This relegates the USMJ and the DOJ to nothing more than a bully flexing its muscles.  It is a bully that needs to be stopped.
Fortunately there are many who agree with Mrs. Boyle and helped to provide documentation before the re-classification. 
“How many others is this judicial atrocity happening to? What other evidence is being withheld?  Shame on the prosecutors and Commanders who chose to align themselves for political reasons to prosecute and then collude to illegally withhold evidence…
I am convinced my husband is not the only victim here of concealed or sanitized evidence…
Look at Clint Lorance, look at the Blackwater four – Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nicholas Slatten and Paul Slough, look at the Leavenworth 10 – besides Clint Lorance – there is John Halley, Derrick Miller, David Lawrence, Corey Clagett, Lawrence Hutchins, Michael Behennit, Evan Vela, and William Hunsaker. 
Those who were killed include not only my husband, but other contractors (LEPS – Law Enforcement Professionals), and more importantly we should never forget the members of Extortion 17 – members of Navy Seal Team 6 and the Army air crew that were among the 38 killed in Afghanistan.”  Mrs. Boyle

Screenshot from the Lorance video showing the use of motorcycles as weapons

The ROE question
So who is to blame?  Take a closer look at our ROE‘s (rules of engagement).  ROE is policy.  Who makes policy?  The Jag Corps, the DOD, our elected officials, including Congress and most of all… the Obama administration.  An administration that has killed nearly as many US citizens as the ‘war’ itself.
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