Judge Temporarily Halts Removal of Confederate Monument

By Faye Higbee

Judge Temporarily Halts Removal of Confederate Monument

On Friday, Louisville, Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer, and U of L President James Ramsey announced that they were having a 70 foot tall Confederate Monument removed from the campus …without asking anyone else, of course.

“The monument represents the stain of slavery and racism and has no place in a compassionate, forward-looking city.” Mayor Fischer

The Statue has been there since 1895, when it was commissioned by the Kentucky Women’s Confederate Monument Association.

Work had already begun to remove the statue

On Monday, Jefferson Circuit Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman issued a temporary restraining order against the removal.

A lawsuit has also been initiated against the Mayor for attempting to remove the statue. The plaintiffs are Everett Corley, a Republican candidate for the 3rd District,the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Pikeville, Ky., Fred C. Wilhite of Calhoun, Ky., and Louisville blogger and activist Ed Springston.


Is this a crime?

According to WDRB,

“…In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Fischer and Metro government failed to follow federal historic preservation law, broke the Kentucky Military Heritage Act and violated city ordinances.

In 2002, state legislators overwhelmingly passed a measure meant to protect sites that the Kentucky Military Heritage Commission designates as a “military heritage site.”

Destroying, removing or making other notable changes to those sites without the commission’s approval are now considered misdemeanors and, in some cases, felonies.

The Confederate monument is one of 22 such monuments, buildings and memorials in Jefferson County that were identified as historic as part of a survey published in 2008, according to state records…” 

Jihad against history

The Commission claims that it’s “just a list” and that it’s not really “protected,” which may prove problematical for the lawsuit. Plaintiffs are convinced the statue will not be erected elsewhere, but instead be destroyed. And under the current politically correct erasure of history, that could very well happen.

The inscriptions on the statue say, “A Tribute to the Rank and File of the Armies of the South” and “To Our Confederate Dead.” To those whose heritage is rooted in the Confederacy, the removal of everything Confederate is a tragedy of major proportions.

Not much difference between this and ISIS’ destruction of ancient treasures.