Joslyn Carlon, Daughter of Fallen Station 81 Firefighter, Had Firefighter Support at High School Graduation

joslyn carlon

Joslyn Carlon went to her high school graduation at Saugus High School on Thursday. It was only two days after her father, Tory Carlon, was tragically shot to death at Fire Station 81 in Agua Dulce.

Tory Carlon was the father of three daughters. Joselyn, the oldest, was to graduate from Saugus High School this last week, and at least 300 firefighters from LA County came to the graduation to show their support. Joslyn wore his jacket as she stepped across the stage to receive her diploma.

Firefighters, like police officers, view themselves as family. They are very aware that their lives depend on the actions of their fellow firefighters. Dying in a fire is, unfortunately, a relatively regular occurrence. Being shot to death by another firefighter is not.

When Tory Carlon was murdered by a co-worker at Fire Station 81, it sent shockwaves through the fire community. Firefighters escorted his body from Fire Station 81 to the LA County Coroner’s office in the same manner as police. It was a day of extreme sadness for the station and the rest of the county’s first responders.

The suspect was identified as 45 year old Jonathan Tatone. News media described the shooting as a “workplace beef.”

Tory Carlon was described as a man who had wanted to be a firefighter since he was a child. He was a “soft-spoken, calming person,” according to a news report from the LA Times. His 20 year career was cut short by a co-worker with a grudge. His oldest daughter honored his love for being a firefighter by wearing his jacket over her graduation gown as she received her diploma. Honor. Respect. Love.


Featured photo: screenshot of Joselyn Carlon via Twitter video

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