Jordan Says It Foiled Massive ISIS Plot

By Faye Higbee

Jordan intelligence says that it arrested 17 ISIS operatives who plotted to wage attacks on “security installations, shopping malls and moderate religious figures.” They used bank robberies and car thefts to get the money, and obtained items from local markets to create homemade explosive devices. The arrests were made in November, and only released publicly on Monday, January 8.

Petra, the State News Agency in Jordan reported,

“The General Intelligence Department foiled a massive terrorist scheme after it conducted an intensive and accurate follow-up operation and a preemptive effort, planned by a Daesh-backed cell during Nov. 2017.

The said cell arranged to carry out a trove of terrorist operations synchronously aimed to tamper with national security and ignite havoc and intimation among citizens.

The early intelligence follow-up endeavors led to the apprehension of 17 plotters involved in this heinous operation and seized rifles and other materials prepared to be used in the hideous plan.”

It was reported by Arab News  that Intelligence officials confiscated weapons and explosives that the ISIS terror cell planned to use for the attack.

The detained persons all were from Zarqa, and their robbery/theft plans carried out in the cities of Russayfah and Zarqa. But even after ISIS has suffered defeat in many places, they are still active.

“I don’t think we should just sit and relax after their (terrorists) collapse in Mosul and Raqqa. Any reluctance to keep pressure on them would lead them to grow stronger again. What is needed now is a formulated international strategy to counter the terrorists’ ideology, with a collective international effort to persuade new generations not to embrace ISIS thought…

…The war on Daesh has weakened them significantly, nevertheless there are some pockets in areas where the extremists still have some individuals who are keen to implement their evil schemes to cause chaos and undermine the stability of the local community. As the physical caliphate disintegrates they will return to more of their terrorist-like roots and try to either direct or support or inspire attacks outside of the core in Iraq and Syria.” Mahmoud Irdaizat, a retired Jordanian major general and a former director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the King Abdullah II Academy for Defense Studies in a statement to Arab News

The 17 people arrested were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorist attacks, promoting terrorist ideology, selling weapons and ammunition with the intention of staging terror attacks. They were interrogated prior to trial before a military court, but the date of that hearing was not given.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been an ally of the United States in the war against ISIS.


Featured photo via Twitter