Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Scrambles F-22s in Response to Russian Naval Exercise

Faye Higbee
Screenshot of Russian ships in the exercise

Western Pacific – When the FAA asked the US Military at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to scramble F-22 Raptors not long before Biden’s meeting with Putin, people wondered what was going on. A Russian Naval exercise off the coast of Hawaii caused the FAA to send for help because of what they termed as an “incident.” The “incident” turned out to be the largest Russian Naval exercise in the Pacific “since the cold war.” The US moved their previously scheduled Naval exercise with the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group closer to Hawaii because of it. The Russian naval exercise did not cross into the Air Defense Identification Zone and operated in International Waters.

The USS Carl Vinson Strike Group (US Navy)

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The Russian Naval exercise included “surface ships, anti-submarine aircraft, and long-range bombers,” according to SOFREP. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam scrambled three of their F-22 Raptors and one KC-135 refueling tanker to “monitor” the situation.

Three Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare aircraft from Kamchatka flew 5,000 km to the central part of the Pacific Ocean. The actions of the Russian naval group are of great interest from foreign fleets.

Russian Navy is edging closer to Hawaii with a big exercise 300 to 500 miles west of Hawaii — prompting US Air Force to scramble three missile-armed F-22 fighters on June 13.

US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is operating 200 miles east of Hawaii, conducting strike group certification exercise. The exercise had been planned but was moved closer to Hawaii in response to Russian exercise.

Ryan Chan, international reporter, on Twitter

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is home to the 199th Fighter Squadron which is a unit of the 154th Wing under the Hawaii Air National Guard. Together with the Active Duty 19th Fighter Squadron, they operate the F-22 “Hawaiian Raptors,” which replaced the F-15C Fighting Eagles in 2010. But the situation “resolved” so the fighters returned to base.

(The FAA  requested) the command conduct an irregular air patrol and the situation resolved, prompting the fighters and a KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft to return to base. We cannot discuss further specifics of the situation.”

US Indo-Pacific Command statement (SOFREP)


Featured photo: Screenshot of Russian naval ships during the exercise.

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