John Nixon, British War Veteran Saves Woman From Robbers…”Fear is not in my dictionary.”

John Nixon, a British Special Forces veteran is being praised as “extraordinarily brave,” after saving a woman from a gang of 5 knife-wielding youths who were attempting to rob her back in January. When he yelled at them to leave her alone, they turned on him. Big mistake on their part. And Mr Nixon is 88 years… young.

“I’ve been near death so many times that situation just doesn’t worry me.” John Nixon

At around 8 p.m. on January 27, Mr Nixon noticed that 5 young men attacked a woman and grabbed her handbag in Kentish Town, northwest of London.

“My initial thoughts were to divert their attention away from the girl who was screaming. I shouted ‘leave her alone.’ But they turned on me, saying ‘We’ll take your money instead’ and I said ‘No you don’t’. Kids this age are full of bravado, you see, they weren’t expecting a surprise.” John Nixon

And a surprise is what they got- he fought back. Hard. Karate chops and all.

“My training kicked in. I landed a blow to his neck which rendered him semi-conscious. I disabled one but another one pulled out a knife so I had to try and deal with him too. ..I tried to disarm him and in the process I got stab wounds here, there and everywhere. There was a lot of blood. He wasn’t trained and it was more of a pocket knife. Luckily my wounds were shallow.”

“My thoughts were just to help her [the woman]. I’ve been shot in the leg and even bitten by a snake, the venom lay dormant in my spine for years. I’ve been near death so many times that situation just doesn’t worry me. The woman ran off screaming but I hope she is okay.” John Nixon

The altercation left Nixon “bleeding in the street” from stab wounds to his head and hands. He was transported to Royal Free Hospital. After a social worker told him about a police community meeting the next day, he chose to attend so that they could see what happened.

Nixon is a widower and has a daughter, according to the Evening Standard.

According to the Metro UK, Telegraph UK, and Evening Standard, Mr. Nixon stated that he trained at the Achnacarry Depot in the Highlands in 1940. He served in the Korean War and was sent on intelligence missions to Germany, Egypt and the Middle East with an elite special forces unit.

“Fear is not in my dictionary.” John Nixon

Apparently not. Good on you, Mr. Nixon. Still a hero at 88.


Featured photo credit: Screenshot via the Evening Standard UK