Joanna Palani – Lady Death – Facing Prison or Assassination

By Faye Higbee

Joanna Palani is an accomplished sniper at just 23 years old, and is a resident of Denmark. She dropped out of her political studies in college to fight with the Peshmerga to battle Islamic terrorists in Syria. Now she faces prison time in Denmark for violating a travel ban, and has a $1 Million bounty on her head from ISIS. She is referred to as “Lady Death.”

Losing everything for freedom

The travel ban is an anti-terrorism measure to stop people from joining ISIS. But Joanna went to fight with the Peshmerga against the terror group.

She was arrested in December by Denmark’s intelligence service P.E.T., and held in prison for 3 weeks until a judge released her prior to the trial. Even though she has recently started working again, the bills from the court have cause her great difficulties. While in jail, she was told of the bounty on her head.

She has to move from location to location every 3 days to keep from being captured or killed by the fanatic Islamic group. She knows that there are many ISIS fighters present in Denmark and looking for her.

She has refused protection from the Danish intelligence service because she doesn’t trust them.

Lady Death

She first began shooting at aged 9, so is well-trained to use her weapons. Not only has she killed ISIS fighters with her SVD Russian Dragunov rifle, but she has freed sex slaves, many of whom join up with her YPG Battalion. And she has also trained those women to fight.

“I will never give them the victory of my fear. When we were preparing to liberate houses of ISIS sex slaves, we had this saying – one fighter goes to rescue but many fighters will come back out. That is because the survivors often join us. Many of the girls we rescue join us and train to become fighters. So if they captured me, I would still fight them, for all of those girls as well as for myself. I will never submit, or let them win.” Joanna Palani

Though Joanna refuses to name the number of kills, her YPG battalion says it is 100. She would spend 9 days at a time on the front line. In the daytime she would defend. At night she and her team would “hunt and shoot” ISIS fighters using thermal scopes.

She has seen friends killed, and knows that if she were captured it would mean rape, forced conversion, or certain death. But she fought for freedom and the protection of her adopted nation. She now stays on friend’s couches, showers in different places, and has no home.

“I am freezing cold every night and I go to bed hungry… The Danish government is trying to set an example of me in court so they can say publicly that I am just the same as ISIS, but I am not a criminal…

I am sorry for breaking the law but I had no choice in my mind at the time. Those I risked my life for, are now taking away my freedom. I did not expect to lose almost everything for fighting for our freedom and our safety.” Joanna Palani

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