Jihadi John Blown Up by Drone Strike

The world awakened today to the news that a killer is dead. Officials are claiming that a U.S. drone strike in Raqqa, Syria killed the infamous Jihadi John, or Mohammed Emwazi.

jihadi john

Jihadi John, Mohammed Emwazi…good riddance (twitter photo)

“A car carrying four foreign Islamic State leaders, including one British Jihadi was hit by US airstrikes right after the governorate building in Raqqa city.” Rami Abdulrahman, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The hospital where he was taken was sealed off to the public. Residents of the region say the hospital is usually closed when an ISIS figure is killed.

Jihadi John is known for his participation in numerous videos showing the beheading deaths of American, British, and Japanese victims. If the report is true, it’s good riddance.

IS will claim he is not dead

Sky News wrote:

Although the official line from IS leaders is that Emwazi survived, locals told Sky the hospital has since been closed to the public and claimed this only happens when a senior militant has been killed.

US Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed Emwazi was targeted and said: “We are still assessing the results of this strike but the terrorists associated with Daesh (another name for IS) need to know this – your days are numbered and you will be defeated.”

However, a senior US defence official told Fox News: “We are 99% sure we got him. We were on him for some time.”

Another source told ABC News Emwazi was blown up in a “flawless” and “clean hit”.

David Cameron said the hunt for the IS executioner was a “combined effort” with the US and targeting him was “the right thing to do”.

British experts contributed by helping with intelligence gathering to “build the picture” ahead of the airstrike, Sky’s Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkall said.

U.S. saber rattling

So John Kerry rattled his saber  and told ISIS their “days are numbered.” All tough now all of a sudden, eh? Too bad he hasn’t been much for that in any other international situation.