Jihadi Dry Run at Los Cerritos Center in Cali? You Decide

los cerritos center

Over the weekend,  the Counter Jihad Coalition had a booth at the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, California. A Muslim slid his backpack under their table and walked away. Fortunately, the person in charge of the booth realized a potential problem and took action. Needless to say, security does not appear to have even called the police. Was it a dry run for a bomb?

This last weekend, the Counter Jihad Coalition set up their booth at the mall in Cerritos, California. Their mission is to educate Americans on the dangers of Islam, so they are well acquainted with name calling and even physical assaults. Steve Amundson is in charge of the CJC team.

Understanding The Threat reported,

“The day began with two men snapping pictures of the CJC booth, then getting on the phone.  Steve Amundson witnessed this and recognized it as “red flag one.”

Steve has seen this behavior before, and it is usually the scouts looking for the CJC booth in order to alert others.

Photos from UTT- used by permission

Later, two muslim women approached the booth and began cursing CJC’s people and calling them liars.  As mall security, which was standing in the immediate vicinity, was speaking with the women, a white haired muslim male moved over to the booth and slide (sic) his backpack under that table.  He then began speaking with the pastor from CJC.

After a short conversation, the muslim man walked away.

Amundson approached the pastor assuming the man was a friend.  When the pastor told Steve the man was an irate muslim complaining about CJC’s activities, Steve was immediately concerned for their safety.  He called security to stop the man, which was done…”

Steve Amundson stated this about the incident:

“I told security he left a backpack underneath our booth. The Moslem refused to take the backpack. We started to take cover behind cement pillars and told security to either call the bomb squad or have the guy pick up the backpack. He finally agreed to very carefully pick it up and security escorted him away. Security will not say at least right now if he was arrested, if the bomb squad was called or what. Was this a dry run or the real thing?”

“See something, say something”

Let’s think about this for a minute. At every airport in the United States, warnings are posted and constant PA system reminders are made to NEVER leave your baggage alone even for a minute. You are told to report ANY suspicious item or activity. But here at a mall, we have complacency that could very well have turned deadly.

There was no reason for a Muslim man to place his backpack under the table of an anti-Islam group. What was in it that he had to pick it up”carefully?”

Los Cerritos is serviced by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Cerritos Station. But Security at the mall apparently did not search the backpack or call the bomb squad, and it appears they did not call the LASD at all. They apparently just chalked Mr. Amundson and his team up to a paranoid Islamophobe.

A quick search of any crime reports from June 28- July 11 turned up ZERO incidents at the Mall. It appears that security never called the police.

The danger of jihadi activity increases with every passing day. Our recommendation is to give the security at this mall some proper training in spotting bombs and potential problems and demand that they call the police when something like this occurs. Complacency kills. It was either a dry run or the real thing, based on the way the man picked up the backpack.

What do you think?