Jerusalem Terror Attack- Truck Slams into Soldiers

By Faye Higbee

A terrorist driving a truck rammed into a group of soldiers on the Armon HaNatziv promenade in Jerusalem on Sunday, killing 4, and injuring at least 15 others. The assailant was killed by soldier’s gunfire. Several victims were trapped beneath the truck and had to be extricated.

“We know the identity of the attacker.  All signs point to the attacker being a supporter of the Islamic State.” Benjamin Netanyahu

The suspect was identified as Fadi al-Qanbar, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem.

The windshield of the truck was riddled with bullets from the soldiers fighting back against the attack.

The truck that rammed into the crowd- Photo via Israeli Foreign Ministry

Three women and a man were killed, all of whom were in their 20s. Fifteen soldiers were also injured when the truck veered off the street and slammed into the crowd. The soldiers were on an educational trip, and just getting off a bus.

Haaretz reported,

According to the police, the truck veered from its course along the promenade and rammed into a group of soldiers getting off a bus.

“You don’t need more than two to three seconds to find a terrorist target,” the police commissioner said. “The soldiers at the scene reacted immediately and killed the attacker.”

“We got on the bus at the International Convention Center, and this was our first stop. A few minutes after we arrived, while I was talking about the Jerusalem landscape, I heard screaming behind me. I turned around a saw the truck getting on the sidewalk.

Soldiers who were in the area started shooting at the truck. At first they couldn’t kill him. He put the truck in reverse. At this point the youths screamed and the instructors told them to hide behind the stone walls. After the assailant was incapacitated, paramedics arrived.” Leah Schreiber, Instructor and witness.

According to some eyewitnesses, the truck ran over the soldiers, then backed up and ran over them again.

The Palestinians didn’t waste any time mocking the people who died, and celebrating the truck attack.

Naftali Bennet, Head of the Jewish Home Party took the BBC to task over their coverage of the incident, for not calling the driver a terrorist and not mentioning those killed, as well as using the word “allegedly.” Some followers demanded the BBC be banned from Israel over their slight.

The news service reworded their story after being criticized. It now reads, “Jerusalem attack: Four dead after lorry driver rams soldiers.”

“Those who incite and fan the flames and those who support terror must pay a heavy price. I call on the residents of Jerusalem and the country at large to be alert and, despite this difficult terror attack, to carry on with your daily routines and do not let terror win.” Nir Birkat, Mayor of Jerusalem