Jen Psaki Mocks Space Force; SecDef Austin Purges Defense Boards of Trump Supporters

Faye Higbee

We’d love to write that Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, “appeared to mock” the US Space Force, but her tone tells us she actually DID mock the 16,000 members of the newest branch of the military. She was asked a legitimate question, which she answered mocklingly. Then we have the new SecDef who issued a memo demanding all members of the Defense Boards resign. So this is how it’s going to go with the US Military under the Biden Administration?

Jen Psaki

When Bloomberg reporter Josh Wingrove asked Jen Psaki whether or not Biden planned to keep the Space Force or dismantle it, her immediate response was a sarcastic “Wow. Space Force.” (Daily Caller)

“Last year, Joe Biden capitalized on the mainstream media’s despicably false narrative about President Trump “mockery” of the U.S. military. Today, Biden’s spokeswoman appeared to mock a branch of our military in front of the entire world. This should not be tolerated by anyone.” Rep Andy Biggs, (R-AZ)

“The @SpaceForceDoD is a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, not the butt of a joke. @PressSec, your “joke” is inappropriate, and you should circle back immediately with the more than 16,000 members of the #SpaceForce with an apology from the White House lectern.” Byron Donalds

The question is relevant, especially since Lloyd Austin, the new Secretary of Defense, has moved to purge all of the Trump Supporters from Pentagon Advisory panels. Will he keep the newest branch of the military or purge that too?

lloyd austin

“I am directing the immediate suspension of all advisory committee operations until the review is completed unless otherwise directed by myself or the deputy secretary of defense,” Austin said in a memo released Tuesday. And he ordered all committee members who are appointed by the defense secretary to resign no later than Feb. 16…

Tata, a former Fox News commentator, failed to get through Senate confirmation because of offensive remarks he had made, including about Islam. He was appointed acting defense undersecretary for policy in November, just days after Trump fired Pentagon chief Mark Esper and put Miller in the job. Miller appointed Tata to the Defense Policy Board on Jan. 19, his last full day on the job. Gingrich was appointed to that same board. Lewandowski was appointed to the Defense Business Board.

Defense News

If you recall, Obama purged hundreds of military leaders in a effort to make certain that his agenda was the only one. He even fired two nuclear commanders in one week, which, according to, suggested the military was being “reshaped” for another purpose. It was 197 in the first five years, to be exact. They all were forced to “retire.”

The Secretary of Defense hasn’t stated whether or not he plans to dismantle the Space Force. He’s “thinking it over.” Our advice? Don’t do it. It’s an important addition to our military.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Jen Psaki

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