Jeff Mahaffey: The Govt Told Him to Close His Gyms, He Refused.

Marine Veteran Jeff Mahaffey is the owner of Self Made Training Facilities in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the Franchise Director for SMTF gyms elsewhere. But the COVID lockdowns have placed him in the unpleasant position of having to defy the government. He’s up to the challenge.

The hard road is not for the faint of heart people. If you want to be a leader you better have thick skin and be prepared for challenges thrown your way. You cannot break at the first difficulty you face, instead stand your ground for you are the one that chose the hard road. After the dust settles I promise you will be stronger and better prepared for new challenges. You can be a leader and pave the way for your future or you can be a follower and live someone else’s. #bemadeorbemolded

Jeff Mahaffey, Instagram

Combat veteran, Security expert

Jeff served in the Marine Corps from January 2005 to June 2014 assigned to several bases, including MCAS Miramar training Naval personnel and MCAS Cherry Point, among others. He spent a year in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, one of the hotspots of the war. As such, he is well versed in knowing how to press forward.

As a combat veteran, he is not a quitter. Through war and contracting for the government, Jeff Mahaffey has met many challenges. COVID lockdowns were another matter entirely. Now he would have to stand against the government rather than for it.

At one point, he mentioned in an interview with Clash Daily that he felt alone and sorry for himself. The gloom lasted about 30 seconds. He grabbed the reins of his mind and began to fight back. It took him a while to find an attorney that wasn’t wrapped up with the state, but when he did, the battle was on.

Screenshot of Jeff Mahaffey via Clash Daily

From small business owner to criminal

SMTF stayed open, much to the chagrin of Arizona Governor Ducey. The gyms are private facilities – not open to the public. That didn’t seem to matter to authorities who put flyers on his windows demanding that he shut his business. To date, Jeff has 42 Class 1 Misdemeanor charges, $107,000 in fines, and faces 21 years in jail. He was arrested within 45 minutes of the first demand to close.

It’s ridiculous. In 2019 I was just a small business owner, now I’m a criminal and a threat to society.

Jeff Mahaffey

He has been given 4 court dates, but the prosecutor failed to show up to any of them, and still the case has not been dismissed. In a normal court of law, such a situation would demand dismissal. The judge extended the deadline 30 days to give the prosecutor another chance to show up. Jeff is waiting to see what happens at the end of those 30 days.

Jeff’s gyms in Scottsdale and Phoenix are cleaner than most grocery stores (especially Walmart). He has several franchises in other areas. All equipment is disinfected as well as “fogged” to protect his clients. After 80,000 people coming through his doors over the last few months, there has not been one case of COVID. He’s even sold 9 more franchises during the pandemic.

Jeff Mahaffey is now embroiled in another kind of war, a war for the soul of the nation against dictatorial leaders who are bent upon crushing the life out of small businesses. From New Jersey to New York to Michigan to California and Arizona, business owners are fighting the good fight against tyranny. We stand with them. Semper Fi, Jeff.


Featured photo: instagram via Jeff Mahaffey

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