Jean-Carlo Gachet – Truck Driver/Marine Reservist Shares a Meal on I-95

Faye Higbee

From early Tuesday morning to Wednesday, hundreds of motorists were trapped on I-95 in Virginia. It only took a couple of jackknifed semis and a lot of abandoned cars on the icy roadway to bring traffic to a total halt for 27 hours. Stranded for hours on the highway, many cars ran out of gas and were left abandoned as the drivers walked to the nearest exit ramp to find shelter. Cpl Jean-Carlo Gachet, a Marine Reservist and truck driver decided he could at least help a little by giving one of the stranded people in the car near him something to eat.


The traffic mess started to clear on Wednesday. All sorts of idiotic left-wingers blamed everyone from Trump to Virginia’s Governor-elect (neither of whom were in office). But at least Jean-Carlo Gachet had compassion enough to lend a helping hand. There is a reason Marines are awesome.

According to media, Gachet is part of Hotel Battery, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment in Richmond, Virginia. He had been stranded with the other drivers for about 8 hours when he quickly microwaved a Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowl, prepared a drink of fruit punch and took it to the driver near him. The man and his mother were grateful for something to eat.

It was him and his mother, and both of them were really appreciative. It was a really nice moment.

Jean-Carlo Gachet (WRCB)

Long haul truckers usually have a bed, a small microwave, and can deal with whatever comes up. Being stuck in a 27 hour traffic jam is probably not on the list, but they handled it.

Turns out there were several people walking car to car checking on the occupants after the Reagan Battalion tweeted a message. There are still good people out there, America. Semper fi, Jean-Carlo Gachet. A job well done!


Featured screenshot from Instagram video

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