James Rosone, Combat Veteran, Best Selling Author

Does fiction mirror reality? What would happen if secretive powers behind the scenes were able to manipulate an election for their own ends? How could they destabilize a nation? In 2018, James Rosone and Miranda Watson wrote the book “Rigged.” Released in 2019, the book stayed on the Amazon Best Seller list for five months because readers related to the political situation in it. It also resulted in James being banned from Facebook for 60 days because of complaints from thousands of people who couldn’t tell fiction from reality. Maybe his books are so good that the line between fiction and reality is blurred.

From the Red Storm Series to WIII Series and everything in between — even a book for kids who don’t understand PTSD and why Dad or Mom snapped at them, there is something for everyone in his book repertoire. You can view all of his books at this link to Amazon.

Monroe Doctrine, currently a #1 Best Seller, is a geopolitical thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. From a fleet of Chinese Ghost Ships with supercomputers run by Chinese Artificial Intelligence, the book traverses scenarios that are described as “pulse-pounding.” Knowing the headlines of today, James says that China is a larger threat to the US than even Russia at this time. Their plan for world dominaton in real life plays into the plot of Rosone’s book series.

There are numerous books in Rosone’s series.They should be read in order, beginning with volume 1 for each series. These are only two of a plethora of outstanding titles.

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The Author

James Rosone spent 10 years in the United States Military, and eight years as a Government Contractor. During those years he hunted down terrorists across the Middle East, Eurasia, and Europe. At one point he was a “linguistic debriefer” – another way of saying “interrogator.” His expertise in both intelligence gathering and scientific advances in biometrics has proven exceedingly valuable for leaders, and provided an exceptional foundation for his writing. Pretty good for a man who says he didn’t do that well in school.

James has served in the J2 and J3 commands for US Central Command, US European Command, and US Special Operations Command in Florida and Germany, advising commanders on a variety of identity intelligence and biometric issues. He holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Oxford as well as an MBA. He’s written technical articles for European journals and advised numerous European leaders in the fields of identity intelligence and biometrics. 

Amazon bio excerpt for James Rosone

His books have been best sellers across numerous categories of Amazon, from Military to SciFi. With 10,000 to 15,000 readers per month, he captured the attention of people who love to escape into a fictional world. How did he do it? It all started with writing as PTSD therapy after transitioning from the military. Writing was therapuetic for “decompressing” but it also provided escape from reality.

Paying it forwardHelping to Repurpose Other Veterans

Currently, he mentors other veterans in their writing. He reminds us all that when a veteran transitions out of the military, they lose their purpose and often feel at “loose ends.” Purpose is what gives all people a sense of worth, and particularly our military warfighters who may find that the “ghosts of war” have come home with them. The therapeutic advantages of writing for military veterans makes for exceptional books, and serves the dual purpose of helping with their ptsd. He has three veterans ‘under his wing’ now, and hopes to increase the writing veterans to ten in the near future. He also uses veterans as his “beta readers” to help with any issues that may exist in his manuscripts.

The producer has sent the first draft of the screenplay back for edits before it’s pitched to the major studios for “Interview with a Terrorist,” a true story from his life. The book won a Silver Medal from the Military Writer’s Association, and the movie is “in process,” so likely will be out in a couple of years.

Best Wishes on your success, James Rosone (a pen name).


Featured photo: James Rosone’s book “Rigged”

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