Jade Helm Ends and No One is in a FEMA Camp

By Faye Higbee

The infamous military exercise, Jade Helm, that had a good half of the country worried, ended on September 15 with no declaration of martial law, no FEMA Camps overflowing with citizens, and not much else. At least that we know of at this point.

Jade Helm was completed

In fact, the Mayor of Big Spring, Texas, Larry McLellan, stated,

“It was so under the radar that I don’t even know anyone who came into contact with them.”

Oh, but a few men were spotted on jet skis in Caddo lake…”8 military aged men, very fit on 8 brand new Jet Skis.” Someone decided that was a prelude to invasion by watercraft.

Now admittedly, the reports of the end of the Jade Helm exercise are coming from left-wing liberal news services that are just running around saying  “I told you so.” The Conspiracy folks are trying to make it continue by showing pictures of military vehicles still being transported.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was trying to assuage concerns about the exercise by having his Texas Guard monitor the military’s activities. Made me feel better, don’t know about you. And they had nothing to report other than residents hearing the scary sounds of helicopters, etc.

jade helm

Conspiracy theories

Paranoia caused by a President without a conscience

Those conspiracy theories plague us and make us look like complete loon birds. If it weren’t for a lousy President who is about as transparent as a block of granite, there would be less paranoia and more common sense. But the Obama Administration’s lack of honesty with information and their continual backdoor sneaky behavior adds fuel to the fire.

They WANT conspiracy theories so they can point their fingers at us to claim we are crazy right wing extremists. We shouldn’t be giving them that anchor to hold their boat in the water. Our own reactions to them give them power over us.

Being wary, paying attention, is different than tripping over our own fears and rushing headlong into paranoia.

Even though today’s military has some deep problems and many of us disagree with their practices within the ranks, most of them are still our brothers and sisters, members of our own communities. We’ll see if that will build some loyalty if the future really does hold a martial law scenario.