Jacksonville Officer Ran Toward Danger, Was Attacked by a Mob

jacksonville officer

Jacksonville, Florida – Upon receiving the report of possible shots fired, a Jacksonville officer ran towards the danger. His reward? A mob of people surrounded and attacked him.

The incident occurred in the Brooklyn area of Jacksonville. Reports of shots fired turned out to be false. Fortunately, the Jacksonville officer was able to get back on his feet after the attack.

When gunshots ring out, our officers will not wait to respond and eliminate the threat. This officer ran towards danger, alone, to make sure some of the very people who attacked him would be safe. It’s sad no one from this crowd chose to help our officer but we don’t believe that’s a true representation of our community. We know you have our backs and we will continue to run towards danger to keep you safe.

Steve Zona, Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police President

The video shows the officer starting through the crowd to respond to the report of shots fired. He is armed with a rifle on his back and presumably a side arm. Suddenly the crowd surrounds him and one of them attacks him, as the rest of the crowd joins in (two of them are women).

jacksonville officer
The officer starts to walk through the group of people

Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson said the attack is unusual.

Ryan spoke with Steve Zona, president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville. He said the officer was responding to a report of gunfire and if there are reports of gunfire or an active shooter, the officer didn’t want to wait.

He worked his way toward the crowd. When he did, he was greeted by the crowd seen in the video.

Toward the end of the video, the officer falls to the ground while several people are attacking him.

Action News Jax

At least one arrest was made from the incident, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The officer did not attempt to shoot anyone, and “followed all protocols.” Thankfully, he was okay after the incident. But it’s another example of a police officer trying to help and getting attacked for it.


Featured photo: screenshot via video by Duval Promo

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