Jacksonville Deputies Arrest Two for Paintball Fight – Issues Warning

Jacksonville, Florida – News4Jax reported that a paintball fight in a Jacksonville subdivision led the Sheriff’s office to send a warning to paintball users. Fredrick¬†Johnson, 27, and DeShawn Dickey, 23,¬† were arrested at around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening when a woman called police after seeing paint splatters on her vehicle. The two men attempted to run, but police caught up with them.

Photo via JSO – Left: DeShawn Dickey, Right: Fredrick Johnson

Another man was issued a citation and released. Dickey and Johnson had priors, so they were not eligible for citations. They were charged with misdemeanor charges of resisting officers without violence and criminal mischief.

The reporting party realized the weapons were paintball guns, and was not concerned about being killed. But sometimes people get hit with the paintballs and could have injuries if they are not wearing protection.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office posted this on Facebook:

“Want to shoot vehicles, houses, or people with paintball guns? You’re going to get arrested.

This is not funny, this is not a joke. Shooting houses, cars, and people with paintball guns will land you in jail or possibly dead if you are encountered by an armed citizen or police officer who doesn’t know what you are holding is a paintball gun.

Fredrick Johnson, 27 years old and DeShawn Dickey, 23 years old and have been arrested after shooting paintball guns at people and hitting vehicles in the area wearing black masks and black clothing. This occurred in the 900 block of Bert Road around 8:30 p.m. These two when confronted by police, refused to stop, running from police with their paintball guns in hand. They DID NOT get away. A perimeter was set up and they were apprehended. A witness advised multiple people in vehicles were also involved in these shootings but fled the scene.

We have had multiple incidents of paintball guns being fired lately. In some instances, the suspect vehicles involved have been determined to be rental vehicles.

This is not a game when you are shooting paintball guns in the open public. There will be no warning given, you will be arrested regardless of your age. Pass this important message on.”

Paintball guns resemble real ones, with significant differences, but in the dark they could be an issue.