Italian Athlete, American-born Son of US Soldier, Wins Gold in Tokyo

italian athlete

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Jr is an American-born Italian athlete, the son of a US Soldier. Born in El Paso, Texas to Viviana Masini, it goes to show you that even if things start off rocky, they can turn around in a big way. On Sunday, August 1, 2021, he won a Gold medal in a surprise victory over US runner Fred Kerley, who won the Silver medal. (Stripes) It was Italy’s first medal in the 100M race, and their second gold medal in these Olympics. (Reuters)

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Only my muscle fibers are American.

Lamont Marcell Jacobs

Viviana met Lamont Marcell Jacobs Sr when he was stationed at Caserma Ederle in Vincenza, Italy. They married and moved to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Three years later, Jacobs was transferred to South Korea just weeks before his son was born. The marriage fell apart.

It was impossible for us to follow him. I then decided to return to Italy. Marcell wasn’t even a month old. From there a challenge of our own was born. I was a young mother with a child to raise and the great thing is that through the growth of Marcell I had the opportunity to live a new life, new horizons.

Viviana Masini

American-born Italian Athlete with a destiny

Lamont grew up not knowing his father, and had no contact with him until last year. Until Sunday, few people had heard of Lamont Marcell Jacobs Jr. But that quickly changed as he became pegged as the “fastest man in the world” for his performance in the Men’s 100 meter race.

“It’s a dream, a dream, it is fantastic. Maybe tomorrow I can imagine what they are saying, but today it is incredible.”

Lamont Jacobs Jr

Defying the odds

Odds makers had Jacobs down in the 8-1 or 10-1 long shot category, according to Stripes. A long shot that cruised to victory with ‘better nutrition,’ training, and a revised mental approach. That mental approach came about with a new relationship to his father. It paid off with Olympic gold.

You can do it. We are with you.

Text from Lamont Jacobs, SR, Dallas Texas

Not all of the Tokyo Olympics is a bunch of woke weasels. There are some bright spots!


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