Israeli PM Netanyahu under fire

By Faye Higbee

Israeli PM Netanyahu was interrogated by police at his home on Monday for 3 hours, in an attempt to remove him from office by charging him with corruption.

“18:30 P.M local time here in Israel PM Netanyahu has been interrogated by the police; they are trying to accuse him for corruption again; those accusations are from the “new Israeli fund” … that is a radical left wing group that gets funds from the E.U to oust PM Netanyahu no matter what; they can’t win over him in the elections so they are trying to do that with false corruption accusations.” Facebook post by M. S. in Israel (spelling corrected)

The Times of Israel reported,

A white police vehicle with three officers inside was seen arriving at Netanyahu’s official residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. They spent more than three hours inside with the prime minister.

Afterwards they issued a short statement, saying only that Netanyahu was “questioned under caution on suspicion that he accepted (improper) benefits.”

Being questioned under caution indicates that Netanyahu is a criminal suspect in the case.

The Prime Minister is being accused of “graft”, accepting expensive gifts from men like Ron Lauder, whose family established Estee Lauder cosmetics, and French Tycoon Arnaud Mimran.

Netanyahu already acknowledged receiving $40,000 from Mimran, given when he was NOT Prime Minster.

“There is a motivation to remove the right from power. We need to take away any motivation other than that pertaining to the investigation itself. There is a basic democratic principle that the people chose someone to lead the country. That is the most important principle and it takes precedence over all others.” MK David Amsalem, Likud party

Family members are also listed as recipients of the gifts. There are over 50 people who have testified so far, and Netanyahu’s son, Yair has been asked to testify. His wife Sara was interrogated for 11 hours over the scandal.

There are no allegations of actual bribery against the Prime Minister, just accepting gifts.

“We’ve been hearing the celebration on television and in the opposition, and I want to tell them: wait with the celebrations, don’t rush. Nothing’s going to happen, you’ll just keep flying hot air balloons.” Benjamin Netanyahu

The prosecutor in Israel, AG Avichai Mandelblit, has been closely involved with this case, “advising” police on witnesses, discouraging specific ones, and even writing up the questions to ask, according to the Jewish Press.

Doe any of this sound familiar?