Israeli Man Relaxing on Porch Shoots Terrorist Attempting to Get to His Family

Faye Higbee

Israel is pretty rigidly gun controlled, with only certain civilians granted the ability to own guns. One of those Israelis was sitting on his porch sipping tea with his family on Sunday evening when he saw a terrorist scaling the security fence and shot him. The Israeli man was called a hero for saving his family.

Story continues below:



“I was sitting with my wife and children on the balcony and we drank a cup of tea. Suddenly I saw a guy climbing a pole in a fence next to my house. I shouted at him ‘Who are you?’ And he mumbled something indecipherable. I immediately realized it was a terrorist attack. I rushed my wife and children inside the house, and told them to close the doors. I took out the gun…I immediately went outside and realized that the terrorist had managed to get to the parking lot of the house. I heard a rustling noise from the bushes, I turned around and saw him in front of my eyes with the knife in hand. I immediately fired several bullets until he was neutralized. It could’ve ended very differently.“

Yair Maimon

Maimon is one of the security members of the Tekoa settlement where he resides on the West Bank- it’s the only reason he can own a gun. And it wasn’t just an average semi-auto AR-15, either – it was an M-16(these weapons are fully automatic, and use 5.56 ammunition.) His 13 year old daughter captured the incident on her cell phone. The terrorist was identified as Muatasem Mohammad Taleb Atallah, a 17 year old member of the Hamas terror group.

“Bravo to the Tekoa resident, a hero, who prevented a terrible disaster, protected his family, and took action in order to end this incident exactly as he should have done — by taking out the terrorist. I call on anyone who is able to carry a weapon to do so, in order to strengthen our security forces. Together we will win.”

Israel Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked

All Israeli settlements have security forces. It’s a necessity, with knife-wielding terrorists running around. A few years ago, an entire Israeli family was murdered in their own home in a knife attack. And the security forces don’t play around – they carry serious firepower.


Featured screenshot of Tekoa settlement

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