Islamic Indoctrination -TN School Board member tells concerned parents they should “pack up and move” (video)

By Faye Higbee

A Williamson County, Tennessee school board member, Robert Hullett, told parents who were concerned about their children being indoctrinated with Islam to “pack up and move” to some place where Islam is a problem if they didn’t like what the school was doing. He also said that “there is no Islamic problem in Williamson County.”

 Islamic indoctrination

Robert Hullet, Williamson County School Board, ranted that if parents had concerns about their child’s exposure to Islam they should “pack up and move” to where it’s really a problem” – screen shot of Robert Hullett from You Tube

The rant

The Williamson County board brought up a resolution from the parents that was designed to address their concerns over the Common Core Social Studies Curriculum that they felt was indoctrinating their children to Islam. But Hullett  said the resolution was  incendiary, and ranted about “documentation” from the parents, saying there had been “zero” complaints about indoctrination in Williamson County schools and no student had “changed religions” from social Studies class. (He has no clue).

“I feel I have a solid grasp on the values of our county and state, and they are not represented in this resolution or in the incendiary words you might hear from the small handful of educational and social arsonists who publicly seek to destroy what the majority of this county holds so dear…our schools and educational communities.” Robert Hullett

Actually Robert, you have NO grasp on the values of America. Period.

“No Islamic Problem”

The Dailyrollcall reported:

School boards across the state have been inundated with complaints regarding the way Islam is portrayed in the classroom and the assignments that completely step over the line. Several boards have listened to those concerns and have taken steps to diminish the fear, and ultimately prevent any form of indoctrination years later… 

[The article went on to say:]

On July 16 2015, Muhammad Youseff Abdulazeez shot and killed 5 American soldiers  at a Marine Recruiting Center in Chattanooga TN.  3 months prior to the savage killing, Abdulazeez worked at Superior Essex, located in…Williamson County.  During that time Abdulazeez attended prayer service at the Islamic Center of ..Williamson County, which just happens to be located next door to a Marine Recruiting Center at the Carrothers Parkway location.



Apparently Mr. Hullett has been asleep and paid no attention to the news about Williamson County. This incident is not the first time Hullett has been hostile to the concerns of others- including a fellow school board member.

Censuring a fellow board member who is not liberal

Back in March of 2015, Hullett brought in a 25 page pile of “documentation” against another school board member, Susan Curlee, and demanded she be censured by the rest of the board for her “incendiary and inflammatory” remarks. What were they? And why did he demand that censure less than a month after a new rule was passed using censure as the “punishment” for other board members who did something to cause “harm” to the Williamson County board?

Susan’s big crime was contending that union front groups  were pushing liberal progressive agendas in the schools. And she did it in an interview with the Daily Caller and on Fox News. By April, 2015, she had called the Williamson County Sheriff to document concerns over Hullett’s intimidation tactics. On two occasions, she was fearful enough that she had to be escorted to her car after work.


Screenshot from Fox interview

Since that time, she has been the focus of extreme publicity watching her every move.  She tweeted in September about someone’s Twitter handle and a controversy erupted. Everything she now does will be scrutinized – the plan to destroy her from public office is firmly in place.

Intimidation is the method of progressives/liberals

Taking the cue from the liberal playbook, Hullett is just a pawn in the game of liberal agendas. These people will use any and all tactics to push their agenda over the top of parents, citizens, Conservatives…anyone who opposes them.

Intimidation is the name of the game. If they hit you hard enough, long enough you will shut up or leave. That’s the way it works. Muslims use it daily. Liberals use it daily.  Shut up or else is their cry. It’s past time to stand up to these tactics. The parents of Williamson County should rise up and throw Mr. Hullett off the school board. To tell parents to pack up and leave if they don’t like something is ridiculous.

This is the 4 minute rant during the school board meeting. His remark to pack up and move is at the end.