Islamic Convert Lied to Military, Wanted to Join ISIS

By Faye Higbee

Shivam Patel, 27, is a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia. He was originally a Hindu, but is now an Islamic Convert. He became obsessed with waging violent jihad against non-Muslims. He was arrested by Federal authorities on Thursday for one count of “making materially false statements on applications to join the military.”

In 2016, Patel was arrested in Jordan and deported back to the United States. He also traveled to China. By September he flew to Chicago, where he was interviewed by the FBI.

He came back to Virginia, and in December, he applied to the US Army, Air Force, local police and fire departments and did not tell them anything about those trips or the Jordanian deportation.

“He wanted to blend into society and do something ‘glorious.’” FBI Special Agent Thomas Pembroke

The Pilot Online reported,

According to the affidavit, Patel – who converted to Islam several years ago – traveled to China in July 2016 to teach English. While there, however, he expressed displeasure to his father about how that country treated Muslims.

His employer arranged for Patel to fly back to Virginia on Aug. 23, but he chose to travel to Jordan, the affidavit said. He was quickly arrested and eventually deported, but it’s unclear why.

Patel’s parents spoke with the FBI about their son after learning he was in Jordanian custody. They said he had become “obsessed with Islam.”

After obtaining the permission of his parents to search his computer, investigators found that he had researched how to beat a polygraph, how to join ISIS, and had downloaded 3 copies of  an ISIS magazine.

Patel reportedly viewed Major Nidal Hasan’s murder of personnel at Fort Hood as completely “justified.” He praised Omar Mateen’s murder spree in Orlando, and stated he hated gay people.  He also praised the attacks in Paris and Nice. He admired al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki. He told a “confidential human source” that he wanted to see a holy war between Muslims and non-Muslims, and even sang an ISIS fight song to him. He expressed a desire to replace his neighbor’s American flag with a replica of the ISIS flag.

His hearing is set for Tuesday in Norfolk. He will remain in custody until then. The penalty for the charge of materially making false statements to the military is only 5 years in prison.