ISIS Teen Executioners Murder 25 Syrian Soldiers (video)

Palmyra, Syria – In a video released by ISIS, 25 Syrian soldiers are condemned to death and forced to kneel in front of a giant flag of the Islamic State center stage in an ancient Roman Ampitheater. Then after  a parade of teen assassins walks behind them, the men are murdered by shots to the back of the head. They did so in front of a large crowd of spectators.

ISIS teen

Most authorities say that the incident likely occurred when the Islamic State seized the city of Palmyra in May, and the video released on the 4th of July. They are said to have slaughtered at least 200 people when they took over the area.


In the video, the Syrian soldiers were lined up on the top step of the ampitheater and forced to their knees. While some news account stated that the teens were “forced” to kill these men, that term may not be exactly correct. Because children are easily brainwashed, they may be doing this willingly because of the hard line Islamic military training they have been receiving.


ISIS has recruited at least 400 “Cubs of the Caliphate” since January, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the children, all aged under 18, were recruited near schools, mosques and in public areas where Islamic State carries out killings and brutal punishments on local people….Islamic State has encouraged parents to send children to training camps or has recruited them without their parents’ consent, often luring them with money, said the Observatory, which tracks the conflict using sources on the ground.

At the training camps, the children learn to fire live ammunition, fight in battles and to drive, it said. Islamic State also recruits children as informants and as guards for its headquarters as well as welcoming children with birth defects into its ranks, the Observatory added.

Killers with an audience

The ampitheater was  by no means packed, but it did have several hundred attendees watching the gory display. The victims were escorted to waiting trucks by the older men, and transported them to the ruins. The teens walked into the stadium in a choreographed manner after the Syrians were forced out onto the stage. As the narrator droned on and gave the word, the teens shot the men. The video showed the bloody massacre in all its evil detail.

This video below only shows part of the incident, with the actual murders not presented. The original ISIS video is about 10 minutes long, and can be found here.