ISIS – Running away from Russian bombing? Maybe coming to Your Backyard?

By Faye Higbee

With Russia bombing the snot out of both the Syrian Rebels and ISIS, some jihadists have reportedly fled to Europe after a shave, and the donning of a niqab (Islamic women’s dress).


Photo reportedly showing facial hair that has been shaved off near Aleppo- Twitter photo

The Daily Mail reported that photos surfaced possibly showing piles of facial hair near Aleppo, Syria. Authorities believe that ISIS fighters are fleeing the Russian bombing by dressing as women and flooding across the border of Turkey and on into Europe. Yet another reason why Islamic women’s dress should be banned in every country- no niqabs, no hijabs. You can’t tell who- or what- is under all that fabric.


Who’s really under women’s Islamic dress?

Russia didn’t just bomb ISIS, they slammed the enclave of the U.S. backed Free Syrian Army, killing their commander, Basil Zimmo, as well as several civilians.

“The moderate opposition and U.S.-backed rebel groups may change their behaviors and alignments as a result of Russia’s attacks. Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra may simultaneously expand its campaign against U.S.-backed rebels with the support of allies within the Islamist opposition.” Institute for the Study of War 10/20/2015

So what “behaviors” and alignments will they be changing?

Who’s coming?

So the question is, since the United States is slated to take in thousands of “Syrian refugees,” who are they? Europe is already overwhelmed, as we have previously reported. Western nations may be getting way more than they bargained for. A flood of jihadists appears to be on the way. Russian authorities claim that at east 600 ISIS fighters have fled the bombing.

Does it mean they will give up their evil ways when they come to  Europe or the U.S., those poor scared things? Maybe we should get them all jobs, now that they don’t have those long dark beards. As they come to Western countries, they will bring their vicious killing ways with them, along with a full platform of rigid Shariah as well.

The liberal plan

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Il) called on the Government yesterday to accept at least 100,000 refugees this year instead of the 10,000 slated to come. He claimed that all refugee are properly “vetted” to make sure they are not dangerous. Right. If you believe that, there’s a patch of  real estate on Pluto you could pick up cheap.
Here is the video of those remarks: